Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dog hats!!!

One of my Favorite things to crochet for dogs is hats!  I know, it sounds silly, but there are so many styles that can be made, and you can get cute  results quickly.  I start with a basic hat pattern, then before I realize it,  I have designed several styles. Animal hats, Football helmets, pumpkins, Santa or just a basic Beanie.....I am totally addicted to making Dog hats!!!!!!!
Sleepy Maximo in a Sleepy Owl Hat

Rosie and Maximo in Owl Hats

OU and OSU Collage colors Helmet Hats

Sock Monkey hat

Dallas Colors Helmet hat

Lamb hat

Cupcake Hat

Pumpkin Hat
Santa Hat
Blue Line beanie with pompom
So Whatever hat you need for your pooch...I can probably create and make it!   And if you don't see what you are looking for me with your ideas because I love to do custom orders. And if you would like to make it yourself, check out my dog hat patterns on Ravelry.

Purple Fuzzy brim hat

Black hat with pomp a Doodle trim and Pompom
Basic Camo Skull Cap

Lime hat with Fun fur Trim

So now you know the truth about me........I am addicted to crochet....I am addicted to crocheting hats for my dogs...I can quit if I want to...I just don't want to!  I love to Crochet dog hats!!!!!!!!!

So as you can see from these few pics..the possibilities are endless.........
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