Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Photo Shoot -- Didn't go so good!

Maximo and Rosie's Christmas
Photo Shoot Didn't go so Well! 

I decided to only put the dogs in Christmas Bandanas and Hats.
 No fancy dresses or sweaters, I was thinking simple this year. 
Each Christmas bandana has a jingle bell on the end, 
Which I love, but I forgot they didn't. Rosie is actually afraid 
of the sound of the jingle bell, which made it worse because, 
when she's afraid, she shakes.  I mean , she IS a Chihuahua.  
So when she shakes the bell jingles more!!!!   LOL

Then the battery in the Camera died
 and I ran in the other room to get the other battery .  
When I got back the little red bird I put on the top
 of the little Christmas tree was missing. 
I looked all over but could not find it. Oh well, 
The top of the tree won't be in the picture anyway. 
Then I return to taking pics 
and see where the red bird went.

Maximo and Red Bird!!!
Okay I thought, That is cute ,
 then Rosie lets out a little yelp!
Not so happy Rosie and the Tree.

The Tree must have touched her? 
She is sometimes scared of new situations and things.
 I knew she would be a little scared of the tree,
 so I had it sitting were she could smell it
 and get used to it, but I guess it didn't work.

I think Rosie wanted the whole
 thing to end and began to pray!

Maximo giving me those "Eyes"!
Rosie and Maximo and me, were all ready
 for the Christmas Photo Shoot to be over.
But I hadn't gotten a good shot Yet!

Neither Dog was wanting to pose anymore....
Not even for a cookie!

Finally we got a pretty good picture...

Merry Christmas From Maximo and Rosie!

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