Monday, May 2, 2011

Crochet Pattern for The Dog Harness by Tisha LeBreton

This is NOT one of my designs,
I was looking through all the new crochet pattens on

 and I just sort of stumbled on it.  Next I thought,
"Oh Man, this is great,
why didn't I think of this!!!! "

Then all sorts of color combinations started flowing through my head.

I started  with a orange and yellow basic one for Maximo.
I shortened the sides and the center to fit him...very easy to adjust this pattern.

Next I made a green one out of cotton and edged it with variegated yarn
and added a flower, for Rosie.
Then  I got to thinking..What a great why to dress up the dogs
for the 4th of July,
so I made one for each of them.
Varigated red, white and blue, edged in red, and a star applique.

If you want to make some for your dogs, here is the link.

Crochet Dog Harness Crochet Pattern: LINK

The great thing about this crochet harness pattern is
that it can be made into 1000s of styles,
 by adding edgings or appliques, and all sorts of colors. 

Also, if you are wanting to use the harness for just decorative purposes,
You could just use a fancy button instead of the d-ring.
And it is very easy to size up or down for your dog, cat, bunny or any pet!

Hope you enjoy crocheting this pattern as much as I have.
And if you want some and don't crochet,
I will be glad to make you some!
Artfire Harness link

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