Monday, May 25, 2015

New E books Of My Most Popular Patterns | Posh Pooch Design

I have had so many Requests for 
PDF Files for some 
of my most popular Crochet Patterns
So, I have started putting together E-books

Each E Book Contains 5 Crochet Patterns
I am only Listing these in my Craftsy Store
It is 5 crochet patterns in a neat
Instant Download E Book PDF file .

First I have put together my
 Colorado Crochet Designs

2ndly I put together some of
 my Crochet patterns for Bags and purses,

 I also put together some of
 my Crochet patterns for Summer hats

Next, I put together some of
 my Crochet patterns for Shawls and Wraps,

I have Put together in This E Book
My Christmas Stocking Designs

Crochet Patterns

Plus a Bonus Scarf 
Crochet pattern

Putting these E Books together,
 take a lot of time and work,
I am working on many more.
So, If you are looking for specific pattern,
Please be patient.

The Crochet Patterns will remain 
Free on my Blog
 and you can find those Here
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