Monday, July 7, 2014

E-Books From Posh Pooch Designs

Did you know that I designed
 a few E-Books?
I have three.
I had planned on doing more,
but I haven't had time.
I do plan on more in the future.

The First E-book I put together is for
Breast Cancer Awareness 
You can find it at this link:
The E-book contains the following Patterns:
Do Hat, Dog Sweater, Bandanna, scarf, 
leg warmers and the ribbon

The 2nd E-book I put together is
Posh Pooch Design Official items
You can find this E-Book at this link:
The E-Book Contains the Following Patterns:
Chihuahua Appliques, Chihuahua Dog Hat, 
Striped Bumpy Blanket, 
Chihuahua Dog Woobies, 
Chihuahua head appliques.

The last E-Book written was the
 Sock monkey E-Book
You can Find the E-Book at this Link:
The E-Book contains 
6 Sock monkey Crochet Patterns
Hot pad, Trash bag holder, Coaster, 
To go Cup cozy, T-p cover, and Mug cozy.

I do have some more E-Books
 in the Works, and it is my
 goal to write some more.
So, keep checking back there
 maybe some more soon.

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