Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns 
Designed  By Sara Sach
of Posh Pooch Designs
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There are Several Categories
Hats, Headbands and Ear Warmers
Cowls and Scarves, Shawls,Wraps and Shrugs
other Wearables, Purses, Bags and Totes
Baby Items and Toys, 
Christmas/ Vintage Christmas
Blankets and Throws, Stuffies and Toys
Misc. Items, Coasters
Graph Patterns, Colorful Colorado Designs
Granny Squares


Ann's Pink Ribbon Chemo Beanie  VIDEO
Beaded Slouchy Hat
Breast Cancer Awareness Slouchy Hat         
Cable Stitch Hat With Pom Poms
Camo and Orange hunting Beanie      VIDEO
Children's Chihuahua Hat and Scarf Set
Children's Front Post Beanies - 3 Sizes                    VIDEO       NEW       
Chihuahua Hat For Humans, 2 sizes
Chunky Leia Bun Hat (3 sizes)    VIDEO  
Chunky Emoji Beanie    VIDEO   
Christina's Panda Hat
Colorado Bear Beanie Hat                          
Colorado Beanie - Top Down
Colorado Chunky Beanie
Colorado Snowman Beanie Hat    VIDEO    NEW
Cupcake Birthday Hat    VIDEO
Dolly and Me Spring Beanies     VIDEO
Elf Hat - 2 sizes       VIDEO     
Easy Candy Corn Hat         VIDEO                         
Happy Hearts Hat and Slouchy Hat   VIDEO
Healing Butterfly Beanie Hat      VIDEO         
Kentucky Lady Hat - Floppy or Stiff Brimmed
Leaf Jumper Hat   VIDEO 
Mentor Chunky Pompom Hat    VIDEO           
Men's Beanie     VIDEO
Mini Elf Hat    VIDEO
(The) Mountain Top Beanie ( 3 sizes)     VIDEO    NEW
My Lucky Shamrock Beanie Hat  VIDEO  
My Messy Bunn/ Ponytail Hat       VIDEO  
Oma's Curlers Hat    VIDEO    
Opa's Bucket Hat          VIDEO
Piggy Tails Children's Hat
Pineapple Beanie     VIDEO
Pinky Crossover Slouch Hat  
Raccoon Ear flap Hat                       
Reflective Front Post Beanie   VIDEO      NEW       
Sequin Ladies Hat
Silly Pumpkin Hats    VIDEO 
Snow Boarder Chunky Beanie      VIDEO     NEW
Sprinkle Donut Messy Bun Hat       VIDEO       
Strata Sun Hat        VIDEO     NEW          
Strawberry Shortcake Beret Hat
Striped Beanie - Yarn Stash Busting Beanie
Summer Bucket Hat     VIDEO
Swirl Cupcake Hat - 6 sizes     VIDEO   NEW
Wig - Fun and Silly Wig
Winter's Sky Bulky Hood Hat        
Zac hat - Children's Bucket Hat      VIDEO

Headbands, Ear Warmers
Blossom Headband   VIDEO    
Blue Line Police Headband
Bobble Head Ear Warmer    VIDEO    NEW
Chevron Headband      VIDEO      
Christmas Lights Headband      VIDEO    NEW
Colorful Colorado Headband / Ear Warmer     VIDEO
Colorado Headband Ear Warmer
Convertible Headscarf   VIDEO  
Cotton Adjustable Visor   VIDEO    NEW  
Double Ruffled Headband Ear Warmer  VIDEO
Dreamy Ear Warmer      VIDEO          NEW
Football headband/ Ear Warmer     VIDEO   
Happy Hearts Valentine Headband     VIDEO
Ladder Headband      VIDEO   
Lisa Ann Ear Warmer   VIDEO        NEW
Loveland Headband Ear Warmer        VIDEO      NEW
My Funny Valentine Headband          VIDEO        NEW
Poppy Headband   VIDEO      NEW
Reflective Chunky Headband/ Ear Warmer   VIDEO
Reflective Headband and Dog Collar   VIDEO    
Slanted Ribbed Headband    VIDEO
Silly Spooky Holiday Hat     VIDEO         NEW
Spring Morning Headband       VIDEO    NEW
Sweatband / Headband - Cotton    VIDEO
Turkey Gobble Headband Ear Warmer    VIDEO    
Twisted Headband       VIDEO

Cowls, Scarves

Temprature Scarf - Crochet A Long    VIDEO  
African Flower Scrap Scarf    VIDEO     
American Freedom Scarf
Bobbles and Crosses Scarf    VIDEO     
Camo Infinity Scarf Neck Warmer
Changes Scarf Pattern
Christmas Cowl of leftovers   VIDEO
Chunky Ruffle Scarf             VIDEO
Chunky V- Stitch Cowl    VIDEO
Colorado Chunky Cowl
Colorado Fringed Homespun Cowl  VIDEO
Convertible Scarf    VIDEO          
Country Cotton Men's Scarf
Date Night Cowl          VIDEO    NEW
Denver Football Cowl/ Snood    VIDEO
Dreamy Turtleneck Cowl       VIDEO        NEW
Easy Double Ruffle Scarf
Easy Front Post Cowl   VIDEO  
Enchanted Evening Cowl - Infinity Scarf    
Fleece Cowl
Flowers of fun Scarves  
Fall Into Winter Chunky Cowl/ Scarf    VIDEO       
Fur Latte Wrap Scarf       VIDEO         NEW
Fur Trimmed Cowl/ Snood
Foggy Grande Infinity Scarf- Chunky Cowl
Fruit Striped Cowl                                   
Gumdrop Sparkle Cowl                            
Green Meadows Cable Stitch Scarf
Happy Hearts Cowl       VIDEO  
Healing Butterfly Chunky Cowl   VIDEO            
Holly Jolly Hooded Cowl
Hounds Tooth Scarf 
Infinity Scarf - Mobius Scarf - Scarf With a Twist
Jumpin Jelly Scarf       
Lace Ruffle Scarf
Lacy Granny Cowl      VIDEO         NEW
Lady Edith's Butterfly Stitch Scarf    VIDEO    
Lady Mary's Triangle Scarf      VIDEO      
Linked Up Cowl      VIDEO
Lisa Ann Cowl       VIDEO  
Lazy Daisy Chain VIDEO 
Loveland Triangle Cowl  
Lucky Rainbow Cowl        VIDEO        
Mandala Skinny Scarf      VIDEO    
Mardi Gras Cowl with Fleur de Lis pin
Mentor Chunky Cowl    VIDEO    
Midnight Sparkle Cowl    VIDEO
Mon Amour Lace Scarf      VIDEO    
Ombre Pocket Scarf      
Pink Snakeskin Ruffle Scoodie - Hooded Scarf
Queen Ann's Lacy Scarf       VIDEO
Scarf Of Many Color
Scoodie - Hooded Scarf With Pockets    VIDEO
Sequin Diva Cowl - Infinity Scarf
Snowman Scarf    VIDEO    NEW
Snow Bound Cowl  
Soft Chains Cowl   VIDEO 
Sprinkle Donut Scarf   VIDEO                          
Spring Colors Cowl
Starry, Starry Night Cowl    VIDEO 
Step Into Fall Scarf  VIDEO
Super Nova Super Scarf        VIDEO
Velvet Cable Cowl        VIDEO        NEW  
Waffle On Cowl         VIDEO              
Whispering Pines Scarf   VIDEO        

Shawls, Wraps, Shrugs, Ponchos

Abstract Shawl  VIDEO
Amazing Stripes Poncho   VIDEO    
Autumn Chill Wrap Shawl      
Beach Vacation Shawl
Briar Rose Shawl    VIDEO
(The) Cake Shawl       VIDEO     NEW
Child's Spring Poncho      VIDEO
Cobblestone Amazing Poncho
(The) Comfort And Joy Wrap Shawl    VIDEO    NEW
Cotton Picnic Wrap VIDEO
Colorado Sunset Wrap/ Shawl. Skirt/ Scarf
Dolly and Me Whimsical Capes  VIDEO  
Every Day Shawl 
Every Day Shawl For Worsted Weight Yarn
Fall Colors Ponchette - Poncho        VIDEO
Gray Skies Cable Scarf       
Hygge (hoo-gah)  Day Poncho       VIDEO        NEW
Firecracker Shrug
Healing Shawl Wrap   VIDEO   
Hooded Wrap Blanket  
Lace Pumpkin Wrap
Lacy Gold Wrap Shawl
Lady Sybil's Lace Cape Shawl    VIDEO  
Mon Amour Lacy Scarf          NEW
Oceans Waves Swim Suit Cover / Poncho    
Prism Shawlette     VIDEO    NEW
Sand And Sea Poncho
Scrap Happy Poncho
Spring Into Summer Lace Wrap Shawl    VIDEO
Starry Starry Night Cowl   VIDEO     
Watercolor Forest Shawl   VIDEO 
Whimsical Cape Shawl   VIDEO
Other Wearables
Boot Cuffs       VIDEO
Blue Line Police Bracelet      VIDEO
Broken Butterfly Pin     VIDEO     
Chain Necklace
Colorado Slippers
Crochet Bracelets With Polymer Clay Buttons     VIDEO     
Crocodile Stitch Flip Flop Toppers
Easy Fingerless Gloves             VIDEO    NEW
Flower Flip Flops  VIDEO
Hatband for Sunhats    VIDEO
Leg Warmers - Stash Busting leg Warmers
"Rings" Necklace     VIDEO
Sock Monkey Mittens 3 sizes            NEW        
Sparkly Celery Apron
Super Simple Belts   VIDEO
Super Quick and Easy Slipper S- XL    VIDEO  
Twilight Sparkle Beaded Necklace
World's Easiest Fingerless Gloves   VIDEO
Yoga Socks  VIDEO
Purses, Bags, Totes
Big O Beach Bag      NEW
Big Striped Bag
Chihuahua Purse    VIDEO
Cordial Shopping Bag   VIDEO
Cotton Shopping Bag  VIDEO
Soap Bag   VIDEO
Cute Project Bag      VIDEO    NEW
Cylinder Cosmetic Bag
Dog Bone Mat and  Purse  VIDEO
Fair Isle Shoulder Bag      VIDEO         NEW
Fanny Pack
Fat Striped Bag            VIDEO
Fun Little Keychain Bag     VIDEO  
Big Granny Square  Project Bag       VIDEO      
Kitties In A Row Tote Bag    VIDEO
Lace Ruffle Bag                       
Ladies Purse/ Tote   VIDEO
Mesh Drawstring Bag    VIDEO             
Nautical Lined Tote Bag
Pink Ribbon Tote Bag       VIDEO       
Round Bottom Shopping Bag   VIDEO
Sock Monkey Purse or Lunch Bag      VIDEO   
Spunky Chunky Baskets/ Bags 2 sizes       VIDEO   
BIG Spunky Chunky Basket. Bag 12 inch    
Sweat Treats Beach Bag
Top This Lil Beach Bag        VIDEO        NEW
V-Stitch Produce Bag      VIDEO
Yoga Mat Bag

Baby Items and Toys
Animal Puppets Crochet Pattern    VIDEO   
Bunny Hugs Hooded baby Blanket        VIDEO      NEW 
Simple Doll Dress - American Girl Doll Dress  VIDEO 
Dolly Spring Poncho - American Girl Poncho  VIDEO  
Baby Bonnet   VIDEO
Baby Bunny Wash Cloth  VIDEO
Baby Chick Ami   VIDEO
Camel Stuffed Animal
Chihuahua Lovie Blanket
Chihuahua Rag Doll - Lappenpop     VIDEO  
Emoji Smile Pillow   VIDEO   
Rainbow Baby Bunny Lovie        VIDEO       NEW      
Furry Baby Bum Cover - Photo Prop
Fuzzy Blanket Lovey Bear      VIDEO  
Momma Chick Stuffie
Simple Purple Baby Hats - 5 Sizes -  VIDEO  
Sleepy Bear Teether Lovey    VIDEO  
Sock Monkey Bib    VIDEO     
Sock Monkey Woobie 2 sizes        VIDEO     
Sweet Baby Doll Stuffie
Sweet Baby Blanket      VIDEO
Tutti Frutti Baby Hats    VIDEO       
Velvet Bunny Pillow    VIDEO       NEW
Bobble Christmas Tree Garland    VIDEO        
Dog Bone  Tree Ornament     VIDEO                 
Dog Bone Shaped Christmas Stocking       VIDEO    NEW
Big Christmas Stocking    VIDEO
Candy Cane Jar Cozie -  VIDEO    NEW
Chihuahua Head Christmas Ornament   VIDEO
Christmas Cowl of Leftovers     VIDEO
Christmas Elf Doll      VIDEO 
Christmas Lights Headband          VIDEO     NEW
Big and Squishy Elf Doll     NEW
Christmas Gift Bag - Holiday Party Purse   VIDEO
Candy Cane Christmas Scarf                  VIDEO
Christmas Candy Towel
Christmas Pickle Ornament          VIDEO      NEW
Christmas Tree Doily             VIDEO   NEW
Paw Print Christmas Stocking     VIDEO                 
Peppermint Candy Doily       VIDEO        
Mini Mittens Ornaments        VIDEO
Random Christmas Cowl    VIDEO             
Santa Coaster          VIDEO
Silly Christmas Tree Hat    VIDEO        
Star and Snowflake    VIDEO    
Snowflake Applique and Ornament VIDEO 
Snowman Jar Cozie        VIDEO                   NEW  
Sweater Coffee Mug Cozy    VIDEO    
Vintage Christmas Crochet Patterns
 With a Twist:
2. Granny Square Christmas Stocking       VIDEO       
3.Granny Square Angel Ornament       VIDEO       
4. Christmas Rings Hot Pad          VIDEO       
5. Hand Towel Holder          VIDEO           
6. Santa Alarm Door Hanger       VIDEO       
7. Dish Soap Apron          VIDEO        

Hanukkah Crochet Pattern

Hanukkah Luminary Jar Cozies     VIDEO         
Hanukkah Part Set                     VIDEO       
Kwanzaa Candle Luminary Jar Cozie      VIDEO         

Blankets, Throws, Afghans:

American Flag 12 inch Granny Square
Basket Weave Blanket  VIDEO
C2C Pixel Blanket       VIDEO 
Chunky Shells Blanket     NEW
Chunky Blanket
Colorado Granny Square
Cross Square Prayer Cloth       VIDEO     NEW
Denver Football Stadium Blanket
Flag Granny Square Blanket     NEW
Fuzzy Waves Blanket      VIDEO      NEW
Picot Granny Spring Throw    VIDEO  
Pizza Pillow and Blanket   VIDEO 
Take Along Blanket            VIDEO   NEW
Triple Ripple Chevron Throw
Thick and Quick Blanket
African Flower     VIDEO
Waves Of Jewel Throw Blanket
Unbroken hearts Afghan Square - 12 inch
Crochet Quillo - Blanket in a Bag
Scrapilicious Granny Blanket          VIDEO       NEW
Sarcelle Marron Throw Blanket       VIDEO   
Sherbet Stripes Blanket                         
Swirling Rainbow Blanket      VIDEO      
Sweet Little Pumpkin Granny Square   VIDEO  
Basic Granny Square         VIDEO
Half Granny Square          VIDEO   
Triangle Granny Square    VIDEO      
Warm Shells Throw Blanket      VIDEO    

Square a Month Crochet A Long 2017
6 inch Squares

January Garnet Square         VIDEO    
April Diamond Square           VIDEO     
May Emerald Square             VIDEO     
June Alexandrite Square       VIDEO     
July Ruby Square                   VIDEO     
August Peridot Square           VIDEO    

Pillows/ Stuffies / Toys

Birthday Cupcake Softies    VIDEO         NEW
3 Little Pumpkins       VIDEO   
Baby Chick Stuffie       VIDEO
Christmas Dog Poo Ornament   VIDEO
Coffee Cup Pillow and Hat      VIDEO    NEW
Coffee Cup Stuffie   VIDEO
Dog Bone Pillow          NEW
Fuzzy Blanket Lovey Bear    VIDEO     
Little Easter Egg Stuffie    VIDEO     
Fuzzy Paw Print Pillow                  NEW
Woobies   VIDEO

Kitchen and Bath

Happy Little Scrubbies      VIDEO  
Hair Grabber Swiffer Cover        VIDEO
Heart Doily        VIDEO
Homespun Coffee Cozy      VIDEO    
Lucky Leprechaun Coasters       VIDEO    
Luminary Jar Cozies       VIDEO     
Maple Leaf Doily and Washcloth      VIDEO    
Open Chevron Table Runner       VIDEO  
Pamper Me Spa Set         VIDEO    
Paw Print Jar Cozie        VIDEO  NEW      
Paw Print Scrubby       VIDEO     
Pencil Jar Cozie                       VIDEO        
Pineapple Jar Cozie          VIDEO     
Pinwheel Washcloth and Doily     VIDEO       NEW
Pumpkin Coffee Cup Cozy and Coaster        VIDEO       
Round Cotton Placemats   VIDEO
Round Cord Rug
Round and Square Washcloths VIDEO
St. Patrick's Day jar Cozies- leprechaun Hat and Rainbow -      VIDEO  
Scrub It Scrubbies    VIDEO    NEW
Sock Monkey Toilet Paper Cover      VIDEO 
Sock Monkey Water Bottle Cozie  VIDEO
Sprinkle Donut Coaster       VIDEO   
Sprinkle Donut Hot Pad       VIDEO   
Sprinkle Donut Pillow         VIDEO   
Spiral Flower Coaster           VIDEO                             NEW
Summer Flower Doily      VIDEO      
Super Scrubbies Dish Cloth VIDEO
Sweater Coffee Mug Cozy  VIDEO
Sweetheart Jar Cozie           VIDEO         
Tissue Pouch    VIDEO  
Triple Thick Pot Holder /Hot Pad         VIDEO       
Towel Trim - Blanket Stitch    VIDEO  
Turkey Washcloth Pot Holder        VIDEO     
Washcloth with a Pocket  VIDEO
Watermelon Jar Cozie    VIDEO     

4 Leaf Clover Applique    VIDEO
6 Petal Flower Tutorial       VIDEO
American Flag Garden Sign/ Flag       VIDEO        
Chihuahua Super Hero Doll
Coffee Cup Pin Cushion   VIDEO
Cord Wrap      VIDEO
Chunky Little Basket        VIDEO
Chunky Poof Pillow         NEW
Crochet Hook Holder and Coaster   VIDEO  
Easter Carrot Pouch   VIDEO
Feed The Puppy - Plastic Bag Holder
Granny's Cross Wall Hanging          VIDEO          NEW
Plant or Flower Pot Cozy   VIDEO  
Hair Scrunchies       VIDEO         NEW
Hanging Flower Pot Cozy         VIDEO     
Key Chain With Beads    VIDEO  
Little Key Chain Bag   VIDEO
Fun Little Key Chain Bag (cord) VIDEO
Lolly Pop Flowers           VIDEO        
Loopy Flower      VIDEO   
Mustache Applique   VIDEO
Paw Patrol Badge       VIDEO
Pilgrim Hat decoration   VIDEO   
Rufflelina Carnation
Scissors Cover   VIDEO
Skein of Yarn Coaster       VIDEO  
Tissue Pouch   VIDEO 
Travel neck Pillow      VIDEO
Water Bottle Tag    VIDEO
Windsock    VIDEO
Yarn Ball Curtain Tie Backs   VIDEO

Coaster of the Month 

September - Snowman   VIDEO
October - Pumpkin    VIDEO
November - Turkey     VIDEO
December- Santa      VIDEO
January - Foot Ball    VIDEO
February - Heart Shimmer Coaster  VIDEO
April - Easter Bunny       VIDEO
May - Spring Flower Coaster    VIDEO
Oklahona Graph
Love Stamp Graph
Dog Bone Graph Coaster
Paw Print Graph Coaster
Father's Day Neck Tie and Mug Rug   VIDEO
Anchor Graph Pattern 
Heart Graph
Pixel Graph Blanket -Coffee Cup, Heart, Paw print, Dog Bone   VIDEO
Olympic rings             NEW

Colorful Colorado Designs  
New Category

I Hope you enjoy all the Fun
Free Crochet Patterns!
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