Free Crochet Patterns For Dogs

Free Crochet Patterns For the Pooches
and Kitty Cats, too
Our Free Crochet Pattern Page

has gotten so large, that we made a separate page
For All Dog and pet patterns
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Cowl and Snoods
Rugs/ Blankets/ Bed

Dog Bandannas

Baseball / Basketball Bandanna      VIDEO    

Christmas Santa Bandanna  VIDEO      

Dog Bandanna VIDEO

Flag Dog Bandanna VIDEO

Football Dog Bandanna     VIDEO 

Gingerbread Dog Bandanna   VIDEO

Ghost Dog Bandanna          VIDEO       

Pennant Summer Dog Bandanna     VIDEO

Pumpkin and Frankenstein Bandanna     VIDEO 
Santa Dog Bandanna   VIDEO

Slide on Cotton Bandanna   VIDEO

Snowman Dog Bandanna       VIDEO   NEW

Sports Pennant Dog Bandanna    VIDEO

Turkey Dog Bandanna        VIDEO    
Turtleneck Dog Bandanna       VIDEO    

Tuxedo Dog Bib    VIDEO

Lacy Trim Dog Bib For The Girls   VIDEO  

Valentine Dog Bandanna       VIDEO    NEW

Dog Collars

Blue Line Police Collar        VIDEO   

Bowtie Collar     

Bowtie Collar Slide, and Cuffs

Button Dog Collar VIDEO

Cable Stitch Dog Cowl With Buttons

Candy Cane Dog Collar

Christmas Candy Dog Bandanna   VIDEO

Christmas Dog collar    VIDEO

Chunky Dog Collar            VIDEO

Clover Dog Collar      VIDEO

Cord Dog Collar and Leash       VIDEO

Conversation Hearts Dog Collar   VIDEO

Crocodile Stitch Dog Collar

Dog Neck Tie  VIDEO

Flowers And Lace Dog Collar   VIDEO

Fringe Dog Collar         VIDEO

Hemp Beaded Dog Collar

Hugs and Kisses Dog Collar

Jingle Bell Dog Collar      VIDEO

Lace And Buttons Dog Collar

Lattice Dog Collar        VIDEO

Marigold Dog Collar  VIDEO  

Patriotic Bow Tie VIDEO

Patriotic Dog Collar   VIDEO

Patriotic Slip On Dog Collar  VIDEO

Poppy Dog Collar     NEW       VIDEO

Pumpkin Spice Dog Collar For All size Dogs

Reflective Headband abd Dog Collar   VIDEO   
Shamrock Dog Collar   VIDEO

Shell Stitch Dog collar with Big Flower   VIDEO

SnowFlakes and Gems Dog Collar

St. Patrick's Day Collar with Bowtie and Shamrock

The Skull Dog Collar   VIDEO

Wedding Dog Collars

Dog Toys

Frisbee Dog Toy    VIDEO

Sock Monkey Woobie 6 and 12 inch   VIDEO        NEW

Woobie - Dog Toy   VIDEO

Dog Cowls/ Snoods

Dress Up Your Dog Day Cowl   VIDEO    NEW


Dog Rugs/Blankets/Beds

Car Blanket  VIDEO

Dog Bed

Dog Bone Mat for Small Dogs   VIDEO

Basket Weave Dog Blanket    VIDEO

Heart Shaped Dog Rug 

Murphy's Pizza Dog Rug    
Pet Poof Dog Bed      VIDEO     NEW       

Pixel Graph Dog Blanket VIDEO

Chunky Poof Pillow     

Round Dog Rug

Dog Hats

Birthday Dog Hat   VIDEO    NEW

Elf Hat      VIDEO

Leprechaun Dog Hat   VIDEO

Little Witch Hat  VIDEO  

Max's Antler - Grinch

Pilgrim Dog Hat   VIDEO

Uncle Sam's Top Hat    VIDEO

Visor Fog Dogs

Dog Sweaters and Wearables

The Maggie Dog Sweater -   VIDEO    NEW

Doggie Diaper For Female Dogs     VIDEO    NEW   

Dog Poncho      VIDEO

Dog Scarf      VIDEO

Dog Shrug

Dog Tu Tu   VIDEO


Dog Miscellaneous

Dog Eye Wash Pad VIDEO

Paw Patrol Puppy Badge   VIDEO 
Paw print Jar Cozie      VIDEO         NEW

I Hope you enjoy all the Fun
Free Crochet Patterns!
And Feel free to post a pic to 
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Unknown said...

I want to thank you for all your different patterns. I can't wait to try them. Some of them will be great Christmas gifts.

Unknown said...

Thanks a million for all the patterns. Just started the doggie diaper. Love this site and your YouTube channel.!! Irene