Grantastic 2019 Crochet A Long

Grantastic 2019 Crochet A Long Page
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

On This Page you will find all The 
information you need to be a part
 of the 2019 Crochet A long.

I will release the Crochet Pattern and Video 
for each Square on the 3rd Monday,  1 per month.

Each month I will release a 6 inch Granny Square.
You will make 4 of each square each month,
 for a total of  48 Squares.
We will then make them into a Blanket.
6 squares X 8 squares = 36 X 48 inch blanket,
plus a trim.

You can make as many additional Squares as you
 would like, to make the Blanket Bigger.
And you can arrange your squares any way you like.

For the video demonstrations I will be making all
 my squares in the same  color.
We will be starting with beginner squares and
 move on to more difficult squares through the year.
 Each Square will have different Skill Level.

What You will Need:

Crochet Hook - H / 5.00MM

Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) yarn
             28 Oz, 1488 Yards
I will be using Red heart Supersaver (aqua)
Needle for weaving in ends

If Additional materials are needed,
 it will be listed with each Square.

Stitches and terms will also be listed with each square.

Square 1: 
Basic Granny Square - Jan. 21st
Pattern Link:
Video Link:

Square 2:
Solid Granny Square - Feb 18th
Pattern LINK
Video LINK

Square 3:
Circle In A Square - March 18th
Pattern LINK
Video LINK

Square 4:
April 22

Square 5:
May 20

Square 6:
June 17

Square 7:
July 15

Square 8:
August 19

Square 9:
Sept. 16

Square 10:
Oct. 21

Square 11:
Nov. 18

Square 12:
Dec. 16

Assembly and Trim: Jan 2020


Elaine said...

I just started my "along" square today. I seem to find the Square 1 instructions missing the Ch2 between corners in the written pattern, beginning with Rnd 2. Would you take a look?
Also, since I have not seen your method of forming a starting circle, I would like some detail on that, especially making the holding knot you refer to.
Thank you.

Sara Sach said...

Thanks, we took a look, and there is a ch2, not sure what your referring to.
Also Did you watch the video For the ch 5 circle. That will help you.