Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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Finding Joy In Hard Times 
With Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

I was feeling a bit anxious when I remembered something my Momma used to say. "Don't Let Anything Steal Your JOY!"

Finding Joy in Hard Times is very hard, 
But worth it the effort.
Here is a list of things that have helped me.

1. Stay Connected - Call your friends and family. 
Use Facetime and Skype type visual tools.
"Seeing" your friends and loved ones help you not feel alone.
Post on social media so others know you are okay.

2. Stay Active- Walk around your house and yard.
It's important to get 15 Minutes of Sunshine everyday, if you can.
Move from room to room. 
There are many free Videos on Youtube For Yoga, stretch and ways to move.

3. Drink Water - It is very important to drink water at times we are not as active.
 It will hep keep our body functions balanced. 
If we get "unbalanced" we are uncomfortable, which makes things worse.

4. Eat Good Foods - Try to stay away from the junk food, and eat Veggies and Fruits. 
If Fresh are not available to you, eat frozen.
 The Old saying "  An apple a day, keeps the Dr. away" Really is true.

5. Learn Something New - Try that new stitch you have been putting off learning, 
try that new yarn that you think you hate. Or even a New craft.

6. Don't Watch The News  All Day - Yes stay informed but watch other things to bring you joy. 
The are many Zoos and Museums doing live streams for us to watch.

Read a Good Book. My favorite series are the Clifford the Big Red Dog books.

Watch the History Channel, or the Cooking Channel.

7. Reach out to Others - You may not be able to leave your house but you can email or message notes, as well and write notes and mail them. Just telling other you care, or send int "virtual hugs" will even make you feel better.

8. BREATHE - We want to panic....but don't. 
That's right take some deep breaths, think about those you love and those who love you.
 If you are a praying person, like me, pray for each one by name.

Remember it is okay to laugh. Don't think because we laugh that we are not taking this situation seriously.  We can have peace of mind and heart, and still be concerned.
I Still Choose JOY.

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Thank YOU ALL for stopping by.

See You All Next Week.

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