Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crochet Hook Holder

Crochet Hook  or Knitting Needle
Holder Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs


I Saw a Crochet Hook holder made out of a plant holder.
So I thought, I could make one of these.
Its Perfect for Knitting Needles, pens and pencils, and scissors, too!

And is A Great Coaster Pattern, as well

Now put all your hook, needles and pair of Scissors
 in your holder and set it next to you,
or on your work table.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pony Purse Crochet Pattern

My Grand daughter is turning
 4 on her birthday.
She loves "My Little Pony's"
She is going to have a 
Pony Birthday party
She likes the pony named

So I wanted to make her one.

I Found this 
Free Pony Purse 
pattern on Raverly 
and made it in one 

You can find the pattern
 at this LINK

The pattern is easy to follow, 
well written and 
works up pretty quick!
Love This Crochet pattern!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dog Neck Tie Crochet Pattern

Neck Tie Dog Collar For Any size Dog Or Pet.
By Sara Sach of

The Dog Neck Tie can be crocheted in solid, 
variegated or striped yarns.
For lots of different styles and looks.

Maximo Modeling the striped Dog Neck Tie 
Crochet Pattern

This Neck Tie can be made to fit any size Dog, Cat or Pet.

See The video on my Youtube Channel At This LINK

Dog Neck Tie Collar Crochet Pattern by Sara Sach
Please, Add This Crochet Pattern to YourRavelry Favorites.
Skill- Easy

Hook- H
Worsted Weight yarn- I used I Love This yarn - neon blue and neon green
1 button 3/4 inch
Yarn needle
Tape measure

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Slip Stitch ( sl st)

 Fits 12 inch neck
To adjust 3 rows of collar = 1 inch

Getting Started:
First - measure your dogs neck in inches.

R : 1 - With Blue yarn, ch 3, 2 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, ch 1 turn ( 2 sc)

(Here and throughout crochet pattern, ch 1 does not count as a sc)
For a Solid neck tie do not do the color changes.

R : 2 - 2 sc in each sc, ch 1 turn ( 4 sc)

R : 3 - 2 sc in 1st sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in the last sc, ch 1 turn (6 sc)

R 4 : - Change to green yarn, leaving the blue yarn still attached, 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn (6 sc)

R : 5 - 1 sc in each sc, ch 1 turn ( 6 sc)

R : 6 - Change to Blue yarn, leaving the green yarn attached, 1 sc in each sc, ch1 turn.
( 6 sc)

R : 7 - 1 sc in each sc, ch 1 turn ( 6 sc)

R : 8-9 - Repeat R : 4-5

R : 10-11 - Repeat R : 6-7

R : 12-13 - Repeat R: 4-5

R : 14-15 - Repeat R : 6-7

R: 16 -17 - Repeat R: 4-5

Continue to repeat R: 4-7 until desired length of the tail of the tie. 

R : 18- With Green yarn, st the 1st 2 sc together, 1 sc in the next 2 sc,
 then st the last 2 sc together, ch 1 turn ( 2 sc dec, 2 sc)

R : 19 - 1 sc in each sc ( 4 sc)

R : 20 - Change to Blue yarn, 2sc in the 1st sc, 1 sc in the next 2 sc,
2 sc in the last sc, ch1, turn. ( 6 sc)

R : 21 - 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn ( 6 sc)

R : 22 - Change to green yarn, 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn ( 6 sc)

R : 23 - 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn, tie off.

With Blue yarn evenly sc, down the side of the tie, 2 sc in point
of the bottom of the tie, 3 sc in the point of the tie,
 then sc back up the other side of the tie,
2 sc in the corner, sc across the top of the tie, 2 sc in the 2nd corner,
join with a sl st to the 1st sc, tie off. Set aside to sew on later.
Collar : 3 Rows = 1 inch 

R : 1 - With Blue yarn, Ch 4, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc in the next 2 chs, ch1, turn ( 3 sc)

R : 2 - 1 sc in each sc, ch 1 turn. ( 3 sc)

R : 3 - Change to Green yarn,  1 sc in each sc, ch 1 turn, ( 3 sc)

R : 4 - 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn ( 3 sc)

R : 5 - Change to Blue yarn, 1 sc in each sc, ch1, turn, (3 sc)

R : 6 - 1 sc in each sc, ch 1, turn, ( 3 sc)

Continue to repeat R : 3-6 until collar reaches the right length for your dog's neck measurement, plus 3 inches for over lap for the button.

End stripes with blue yarn, sc evenly down the length of the collar, 2 sc in the 1st corner, sc up the side, 2 sc in the next corner, then sc evenly down the other side of the length of the collar, 2 sc in the 3rd corner, sc across last side, 2 sc in the last corner, join to 1st corn with a sl st,.  ch 4 attach ch to the 3rd corner with a sl st, 5 sc across ch to form the button hole.

Lastly, Sew the button on the opposite side of the collar.

Place the tie in the front center of the collar and sew in place.

Striped Dog Neck Tie
Panther Pink Variegated Neck Tie.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Wreath with Funfur

Everyone has been making these awesome 
Spring Wreaths using fun fur, 
so I just had to made one of my own.
So I gathered my Supplies.
A  Wreath
1 Skein of Fun fur
I crocheted some 
Flowers and Butterflies
a couple of big buttons
A crochet ami of 
Maximo and Rosie my 
Daughter made me.
I just began wrapping the fun fur

around the wreath...
 it took the whole skein.
What is he doing in there?
Everything I make is not for you!
Then I attached a few of the 
flowers and butterflies.
I put My Ami 
Maximo and Rosie on the wreath, 
then Hung it on the door
and took a picture.
Much better!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dog Hat Design Contest

For the month of Feb and March,
we had a really fun 
Dog Hat Design Contest.
I provided the people in our group...

PPD Puppy Love  - here the Link
Come join us!

A Free Crochet pattern for 
A fun Dog Hat.
Here is that Link

 Then they used their creative juices 
and came up with all these
 designs from the same pattern.

You can see them all up close on my fan page

Please, go take a look and vote 
on your favorite ones.
vote on as many as you want.

You have until March 17, 2013 to vote!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chunky Ruffle Scarf Crochet Pattern

Chunky Ruffle Scarf Crochet Pattern
Stitch up this lovely Ruffle scarf in an hour! Make one to match all your outfits!
This is a perfect Scarf For Any Occasion.
Daytime, Afternoon, Evening or a Night out to a party.
 This Scarf will add a touch of glamor to any outfit.
Make it long, short or into a cowl.
And with all the different yarn choices the 
 styles are endless.

See The Video on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

Chunky Ruffle Scarf Crochet Pattern by Sara Sach

Please, Add This Crochet pattern to Your Ravelry Favorites.

Skill: Easy

Hook- J/ 6.0 MM
Yarn - Chunky (6) 5 oz.( Or 2 strands of WW4)
Yarn Needle

Chain (Ch)
Slip Stitch (SLST)
Double Crochet (DC)
Foundation Double Crochet (FDC)
Skip (sk)
Space (sp)

Size: 63 X 3 inches

Gauge: 2 chs or 2 dc = 1 inch

 Ch3 counts as a double Crochet

R: 1 - 126 FDC, ch3, turn

     Or Ch 128, 1 DC in the 4th ch from the hook,
      and dc in each ch across, ch3 turn. (126 DC)

R: 2 -  * 1 DC in the next dc, ch 1*,
 Repeat from *to* across row, ch 3, turn. (256sts)

R: 3 - *1dc in the next dc, ch1, 1 dc in the next ch1 sp, ch1*
Repeat From * to * across row. Ch3, turn.(512sts)

R: 4 - *Sk the next st, SLST in the next st, ch 3*, 
Repeat From *to* across row, tie off and weave in your ends.

For a cowl or Circle scarf put the ends together, without twisting the scarf, and SC the ends together, then tie off and weave in the ends.
See, Super Easy, Quick and it looks Awesome!
This is now my favorite scarf !

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chihuahua Rescue Fund Raiser- March 2013

It's March and  For 
Posh Pooch Designs, 
That means it's time for our
Every year we do a Fund raiser for the 
"Because of you, Chihuahua Rescue".
You can read all about the wonderful 
work they do  Here.

The Fund Raiser will Run from 
March 5th to March 17th

There are 2 ways you can get involved:
1. Purchase a Chihuahua Dog hat
Crochet Pattern -
All the proceeds go to the Chi Rescue

You can find the 
Crochet pattern in my 
Ravelry Shop Here
or my Craftsy Shop Here


2. You can purchase a Chihuahua Dog Hat 
custom made for your pooch.
Any colors you like.

All the proceeds - except the shipping go to
the Rescue.

You can find them in my

here are some that were custom made,
To resemble my dogs.
Maximo and Rosie Bell.

Please join us in supporting 
this great Dog Rescue.