Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog Sweaters and Chemo Therapy

I had a very interesting day, yesterday. I took my mother to her first Chemo Therapy treatment . It was long and tiring, and about what you or I would have expected...except I decided to take my yarn and  hooks , and in my spare time work on Doggie hats and sweaters.  Only one visitor per patient was   allowed, so my sister, Lisa and I, were taking turns.
As I sat in Lobby crocheting doggie hats, several people asked me, "What are you making?"  or "Who has a head that little". When I told them I was making dog hats.. usually they smiled or laughed a little...and would tell me about thier own pets. Some would tell me about sitting alone with the cat on thier lap, and what a comfort that was . Others would tell me about the unconditional love of a dog. One nice old fellow told me "My dog doen't care if I have hair or eye brows..he just wants to be with me".
Before I realized it, I had become so inthralled with these lovely people..Cancer is a nondiscriminate considers neither race, sex, religion,  age , or attacks without warning.
Dogs consider neither race, sex, religion , age or money either..and they love is an odd comparison..but True.