Monday, December 31, 2012

Dog Snood Crochet Pattern - For All Size Dogs

This Crochet Pattern is designed for 
All Size Dogs.
From the teeny to the giant!
This snood will keep their ears 
warm and toasty.
I have made a video that I hope will answer your questions.

See The New Video On my Youtube Channel at

 This Pattern will work for any size Dog, Cat or Pet!

Chunky Dog Snood Crochet Pattern by Sara Sach
Please, Add This Crochet Pattern to Your Ravelry Favorites.

Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook: J
Tape Measure - to measure your dog's neck
Yarn: #5 chunky or 2 strands of any Worsted weight yarn,
        Solid and Variegated - I used Charisma  from Michael's

Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Double Crochet (dc)
Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc)
Stitch Together (st tog)
Change (chg)

Size: Fits a 9 inch dog neck
         3 chs = 1 inch

Getting Started:
The first thing you need to do is measure your dog's neck LOOSELY.

To adjust the pattern to your dog's neck - Your dog's measurement X 3 + 5 chs
For example  - (9 X 3)+5 chs =32 so cha 32 chs for a 9 inch neck

To adjust for length - You will also need the Length measurement:
from the crown of your dog's head, down the back of their head , to the collar.
You will add additional rows for more length.


 NOTE:neck measurement + 7 inches = how long your ch should be.

 ( example Maximo's neck is 10 inches + 7 inches = 17 inches.

 R: 1 - Starting at the hood, Ch for your dog's measurement, 

see note:, join in a circle, being careful not to twist the ch, ch 3

 R: 2 - 1 dc in each ch around, join with a sl st, ch 3

 R:  3 - 1 dc in the 1st dc, *1 fp dc in the next dc, 

1 dc in the next st, repeat from * around, join, ch 3

 R:  4  - 1 dc in each st around, join, ch 3

 R:  5 – R: 7  - Repeat R 4

 R:  8 - (decrease rows) 1 dc in the 1st 4 sts, 

*1 dc dec with the next 2 sts, 1 dc in the next 4 sts, Repeat from * around , join, ch 3

 R:  9 - Repeat R: 8

Repeat R: 8 until you have decreased to your dog's neck measurement .

(Maximo's was 10 inches, so I decreased to 10 inches)

 R: 10 - 1 dc in each dc around, join, ch 3

 Repeat R 10 for the length of your dog's neck.

 R: 11 - Repeat R: 3  and tie off.

Keep your pooch warm
with this cool Snood!
This Snood is Made with Charisma from Micheals.
Rosis's Snood is Red Heart Reflective and
 2 strands of Worsted weight.
Maximo's Snood is Bernat Softee Chunky
Green and Camo.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

Its Christmas Eve!
Merry Christmas!
I went to the gym,
then ran some errands.
My hair was wet, and It is cold,
 so I decided to wear my
New Slouchy Christmas Hat.

I got so many compliments
 that I thought I would share
the Crochet pattern with you!

This is the FREE pattern I used.
You can get it From Ravelry
Or from Craftsy
It has 2 sizes included and its super easy.

What I used:
I used Christmas Sparkle I Love This yarn
from Hobby Lobby for the body of the hat,
and 1 strand of white buttercup
 and I strand of white I Love This yarn,
white for the hat band and pompom.
I also added the wreath, which is also a free pattern,
I found on Ravelry
It looks a little pointy because I did a 
few extra rows at the tip,
 and kind of pulled it that way.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Beaded Crochet Necklace Free Pattern

I was at a party last night
and one of the ladies was wearing a
beautiful beaded crochet necklace.

I loved it so much,
I wanted to make one for me.

Video Tutorial:
See this Video on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

Please, Add This Crochet Pattern to Your

Here is the Crochet Pattern
 I came up with.
Skill: Super duper easy

Materials :
Hook : C/2-2.75MM
Crochet Thread #10 in black ( takes very little)
80 assorted beads ( I used assorted sized pearls and gold beads)
Bead needle

Chain (ch)

Pattern :
Thread your needle, and  thread all 80 beads

Once all the beads are threaded on,
slide them forward and ch 5,
**slide one bead up to the hook, and ch 5

Repeat ** until all 80 beads have been crocheted over.

Lastly, ch 5, and tie off with good sturdy knot.
A few more beaded necklaces I made.
Green glass beads  and off white thread.
Assorted button beads with red thread.
Large wooden beads on off White thread
Black with silver and pearl beads.

Another beaded Necklace I made can be seen at this LINK
And that's It!
I Love it
and plan on making 
many more!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nacho - The Ornery Chihuahua Elf Is At It Again!

nacho found my New Doggie Cowboy hat.
Nacho thinks he is Ruff and Tuff

Rosie Bell got sick and had to wear the cone of shame,
So nacho wore one too.

Nacho wanted to have a
"Beanies for Brave Students" Beanie too.

Then I found him napping with our new grandaughter.

The next morning, he was snuggled in my socks.

Then, I found him in my bathroom!

hum.... wonder who the coal's for.

Then I am missing 2 candy canes off the tree.

Gonna miss Nacho,the ornery elf
when he heads back to the north Pole.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yarn Ball Winder - Makes Yarn Cakes!

I was involved in the
"Craftanonimous Gift Exchange" this year,
and I received this yarn ball winder.
I was so surprised and excited to
receive such a wonderful gift!

I let it sit for about 2 weeks,
 till I had tie to play with it.
So, I am working on an order and my yarn became tangled,
 really tangled.......

Ok, it is time to try out the Yarn winder......
And I made a white cake!

That was so much fun, I think I'll make another one.

Then, I went through my left over yarn balls,
and did few more

And Just few more.

All of my left over yarn balls.
Became yarn cakes!!

I Love This thing.
No more chasing yarn balls around the room.
This one was ordered from Amazon...
You have got to get one.....
I don't know how I functioned with it!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hounds Tooth Scarf and Glove Crochet Patterns

Hounds Tooth Scarf Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

The Hounds Tooth Scarf Looks Complicated
 But it is really quite easy

It is basically Double Crochet Stitches and
 Single Crochet stitches.

The Matching Hat- The Hounds Tooth Hat 
Crochet pattern and Video at This LINK
The Matching Fingerless Gloves 
Crochet Pattern and Video at This LINK

It makes a Warm and Attractive Scarf For A Man or Woman.
the length is completely adjustable, too.

See The Video on my Youtube Crochet
 Channel At This LINK

Hounds Tooth Scarf Pattern:
Please, Add This Crochet Pattern To Your Ravelry Favorites.

Skill Easy

Materials :
Crochet Hook - H / 5.00 MM
Yarn- Med (4) Worsted Weight Yarn - White and Black (2 oz of each color)
          I used I Love This yarn By Hobby Lobby
Yarn Needle

Chain  ( ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet ( dc)

 Ch1 Does not count as a st
When changing colors, Do Not cute your Yarn,
Carry your yarn Across the back of your work and stitch over it.

Size: 7 X  36 Inches


R: 1 - With White yarn, Ch 21, 1 sc the 2 nd ch from hook,
counts as first sc, 1 sc in each ch, ch1 turn. (19 sc)

R: 2 - 1 sc in the first st, **1 dc in the next st, 1 sc in the next st,
Repeat From ** across row, ch 1 turn (19 sts)

R: 3 - Change to black yarn, leaving white attached, 1 sc in each dc,
1 dc in each sc, stitching over the white yarn across, ch 1 turn. (19sts)

R: 4 - Change to white yarn, leaving the black yarn attached,
1 sc in each dc, 1 dc in each sc, stitching over the black yarn across, ch 1 turn. (19 sts)

R: 5- Repeat R: 3

R: 6 - Repeat R: 4

R: 7 - R: 90 - Repeat R: 3 and R: 4 Alternating Rows and Colors.

Add additional Rows if more length is desired.
Make sure your last row is a White Row.

Row 91 -  1 sc in each st across, tie off weave in your ends.

All Done - only a few ends to weave in.

An Ad Free PDF File is Now Available 
in my Ravelry shop
 For $4.50 At This LINK

A Quick idea For matching Gloves
Gloves :

I Love these gloves for driving.
I buy them at Target and Walmart.
I keep a pair in my purse, car and several other spots,
but, but I always think they are too short.
So I decided to make them longer.

The first thing I did was do a blanket st
 around the top of the glove.
Be sure to stretch the glove and try it on,
 to make sure you are not stitching to tightly.

Then I used the same technique I used for the
 Hounds Tooth scarf.
Using the pattern : dc, sc, dc, sc, .... and changing colors every row.
Each row I added a few increasesto make it sort of fan out.
And I Love them!

Stay warm and enjoy!