Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Trip to Rocky Mountian National Park

We had a great time getting away for a few days camping with the Grandkids and Daughter up in the mountains. There are a few pics so I will just explain each pic.

We saw a few moose.

A herd of Elk

A Elk Buck

And lots of Beautiful Scenery.

Then we rented a boat!

Rosie loved the boat!

So did Maximo!

DD and Grandkids

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Posh Pooch Designs is Opening an Etsy Shop!

Posh Pooch Designs
has decided to Open an Etsy Shop.

"Posh Pooch Designs Crochet Pattern Shop"
You can find it here

This new Shop will only have
Crochet Patterns
for Dog hats, sweaters and dog  items,
 not the actual items.

There will be an Official Grand Opening
on August 1st.

You can still order any
of the Custom made hats , sweaters
and dog items at my Artfire Store here

Please, come on by both my shops!

"Because it's just to Cold " to go " outside,
Without a Posh Pooch Designs Sweater."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Visor For Dogs Crochet Pattern

This is So Cute and Fun!
A Visor for Dogs Crochet Pattern.

Please, Add This Crochet Pattern to Your

Visor For Dogs Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach

Skill - Easy

Hook- H
Tape measure
Any Worsted Weight yarn - I used Red Heart SS Denim

Single Crochet(sc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single crochet decrease (sc dec)

Getting Started:

R : 1 - The Starting ch is 25 for a 12 inch head, add or subtract 
3 chs per inch to adjust the visor to fit your dog's head. 
join in a circle, do not twist the ch, ch 1.

R : 2 - 1 sc in each ch around, join, ch 3(counts as 1st dc on next round)

R : 3 - *skip the next st, 1 dc in the next st, cross 
back and dc in the skipped st, Repeat from * around, join ch 1

R : 4 - 1 sc in each st, join ch 1

R : 5 - (Adding the visor)1 sl st in the next in the next 5 sts, 
1 sc in the next 22 sts, ch 1 turn. You will need to adjust the
 amount of sl sts if you added or subtracted chs to fit your dog's head.

R : 6 - 1 sc dec at the beginning of the row, 1 sc in each st,
ending with a sc dec at the end of the row, ch 1 turn

R : 7 & 8 - Repeat R : 6

R : 8 - (Adding ties) 1 sl st in the next 4 sts, ch 25, 1 dc at the end of the ch,
sl st back down the ch to the hat, join with a sl st,
sl st in each st around the back of the hat, till you reach 4 sts from the visor brim,
repeat for the tie on this side, then sl st to the visor brim,
 1 sc in each st across the brim , join to the 1st sl st join and tie off.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crochet Sewing Machine Cover--- Love it!

I wish I would have thought of this.
It is a Paws-itively Tail Waggin" idea.
To combinetwo things I love to do!

That is exactly what This blogger did here
At "Easy Makes me Happy" blog.

She designed a Sewing Machine Cover
 that combines Crochet and Sewing!

Okay, here is my version.
I used Yarns I already had, from my Stash.

The Crochet Part- I made the drape
out of Red Heart Purple Stripe and
 two other shades of Purple WW yarns.

It fit perfectly over my Singer machine.
I Chose a Paw print of purple and pinks
for the sides.
I think that's Strawberry Shortcake! 
 Hee Hee

I Love it, it turned out great!
Even Rosie things it's pretty.
I even added a cute little flower
on the left.

Thank-you to Easy Makes Me Happy Blog for
this great idea.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The New Craft (or Yarn) Room Is Done!

We have lived here in Parker, CO 
for about a month now.
I have finally finished getting my craft room
( or yarn room, as my Hubby refers to it) 

So come on in!
I really love the French doors.

The Sewing Area
(It took me 3 hours  just to colorize the thread!)

The Yarn Area
Who needs this much yarn!
It's not my fault, Micheal's was having a sale!

The Test Section  
I bought and still buy lots of stuffed dogs,
so I can see all the hats I have designed.
 I always try to keep one of each style.
(Believe me this isn't the half of them.)

My Baubles Area
I tried to get this pic to save right,
 but it just kept saving it side ways.
So, If you don't mind, tilt your head to the left. Sorry :O)
This is were I keep all my beads, buttons, and Baubles.

Over stock and Storage Area
We have a storage area behind the Craft room,
so my hubby set up these shelves to hold
 plastic bins for my stuff.
Yarn, yes more yarn, Test items,
Fabric, Flowers,and many other crafty things.
Thanks for Stopping by!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Crochet Throw For the Master Bed Room

I have been wanting to work on a Throw for the Master Bed Room.
 The colors Are Brown, Tan and Garnet.
 I could not find a throw Pattern that had what I was looking for.
 I wanted a simple pattern , but I also wanted it to look elegant.
This Pillow is my inspiration.

My mom bought it for me for my birthday
and I just love the color combination,
you can see it is a nice contrast to the comforter.

So here is what I have so far,
waves of garnet, brown and tan.
I am planning on putting fringe at both ends, too.

I think it is simple and Elegant.

As far a Crochet pattern.
It is basically
 (2sc, 2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc, 2sc...continue across the row)
Then reverse the next row, to form the waves.

I tried using 3 of each stitch,
 but the waves were not very "wavy".
Well, I will keep working on it and keep ya posted!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Suede Lace Dog Collar Crochet Pattern

Suede Lace Dog Collar Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach

Maximo and Rosie Are inseparable.
She had to be near him even if she 
was not modeling this time.

  I Love yarn and there are many, 
many great  yarns out there.
But sometimes I like to experiment and crochet
with different sorts of mediums.
 I was walking through the store
 and spotted the Suede lace and thought,
 How cool would that be, 
to crochet a dog collar with this. 
 Oh, and of course it will need some black beads.

Suede Lace  and Beads Dog collar Crochet Pattern
 by Sara Sach
Please add this pattern to Your Ravelry favorites.

Skill - Easy

Hook - J
Tape measure - to measure your dog's neck
2 - 3/4 inch D rings
1 - Clip
16 black pony beads ( amount depends on size of collar)
12-18 yards of Suede lace ( the bigger the collar the more you will need)

Stitches :
Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)

Getting Started:

First, measure your dog's neck loosely.

Next, lace all 16 beads on to the Suede lace, pushing them forward until needed.


R : 1  Attach lace to the 1st D-ring with a sl st, Then 3sc through the D-ring, ch 1, turn.

Crocheting with Suede lace is a little difficult
because it does not slide like most yarn.
You will have to stitch looser then you usually do.

I do not recommend any plastic or wooded hooks on this project.

R : 2 - 1 sc in each sc, ch1 turn

R : 3 - Repeat R:2 for as many rows as needed for 1/4 of the collar.

(For Example: My dog's neck is 12 inches,
1/4th of 12 is 3inches, so I will do 3 inches of R: 2)

R : 4 - 1 sc, draw up one bead and sc, 1 sc, ch1, turn

R : 5 - Repeat R : 4 for 1/2 of the collar length. This will be the front of the collar.

(For Example : 1/2 of the 12 in. is 6 in. so I will Repeat R:4 for 6 inches
 for a total of 9 in. worked)

Every other row, when drawing up the bead, it will be on the back of the collar,
you will need to push it through to the front, so all the beads are on the front of the collar.

R : 6 -Once you have reached the desired length, if there are beads left over,
 just keep pushing them forward, until finishing.
Repeat R : 2 for the last 1/4 of the collar.

R : 7- Attach 2nd D-ring by 3 scs, Push off any extra beads and tie off.
Attach the clip to the d-ring and clip through the other D-ring.

I think this collar turned out perfect!
It is Soft and Strong at the same time,
 and is very comfy for Maximo to wear.
And the beads give it a Cool look.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sneak Peek At the new Santa Claus Dog Hat

Sneak Peek!

Here is Maximo
 Modeling the new
Santa Clause Dog Hat!
I am so excited about this hat..
I really think it turned out
Soooooooooooooooooo Cute!
Click the link for Details.

The Crochet Pattern is now ready!
Clink the Link for Details.