Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I have been working on This week - BAGS!

My Husband and I are relocating to Parker, Co, South Denver. 
So I am in a search for the perfect house. But when I am not looking at houses,
already looked at 23 of them, I am crocheting.

I usually design my own, but I came across two really cute ones
that I just had to share with you.

 I made this darling little basket and purse

These are free patterns and I have included the links for them.

Close up of the purse...sorry about the shadow.

Close up of the basket.

Randon Stripe and Stitch Shopping bag.
I brought my yarn scraps and decided I needed a shopping bag,
I wanted a short handle that I could just slip on my arm.
I changed colors and stitches randomly,
after I made the a basic round bottom.

I will get a pattern written down on this one!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Greyhound Fishtail Collar Crochet Pattern

I was asked a few weeks back if I could design a
"Greyhound Fishtail Collar"
Crochet pattern.
I have never had the joy of owning a greyhound
so I had no idea what the fishtail collar was.
So I did what most of us do...I Goggled it!

Here is what I came up with.
Please note, this is a decorative collar
and a lead or leash should not be attached to the collar.

Skill: Easy to Moderate
(there is a little shaping)

Rug Yarn: You can also use worsted weight yarn, but it may not stay sturdy.
2 1in. D Rings

Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)

We are starting from the center, then working each side.

Starting from the Center : Ch 17, for a 13 to 15 in neck (add 3 chs per in to lengthen collar)

1 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc in the next 68 chs, 2 sc in the 69th ch, turn, working down the opposite side of the chain, 2 sc in the first ch, 1 ch in the next 68 chs, and 2 sc in the last ch, join and tie off, weave in your end.
Right Side:

R:1 - Count from the right end of the collar, in 15 sts, attach yarn to the 16th sc with a sc, sc in each st, leaving the last 15 sts unworked, ch 1 turn.

If you added chs for length, the center will be longer, but still leave the lst 15 sts unworked.

R : 2 -  Skip the 1st st, sl st in the next st, sc in each sc, sl st in the last 2 sts, ch 1 turn.

R : 3 - Skip the 1st 2 sts, sl at in the next 2 sts, sc in each st across till 4 sts are left, 2 sl at in the first 2 and leave the last two unworked, ch 1, turn.

R: 4 - Skip the 1st 2 sts, 1 sc in each sc, till last 4 sts, 2 sl sts, leave last 2 sts unworked, tie off, weave in your end.

Turn Collar over and work R: 1-4 on the other side of the collar.

Sc evenly around the whole collar for a smooth look.

Attaching the D : Rings - Attach both D rings to the right side, by folding the end of he collar over the flat end of the rings and sewing down.  Slide the other end of the collar in the D rings and then through the top D
ring to secure.

I added a flower applique and a paw print applique for fun.
I hope someone has a Greyhound and will make this collar a send me a pic.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First Crochet Along - It was So Fun !

Mystery Crochet Along  @ Cami's Creative Commodities

I had never done a "Crochet Along" before and wasn't sure I could.
 Each Day only a part of the Crochet Pattern is given,
and you have to follow the instructions without pictures!!!!
Now I am a visual person and need pics.

Before we started she gave us a supplies list:

Red heart yarn - our choice
Little bit of Black yarn, batting,
Ribbon, hook and yarn needle.
Not too many supplies..So I had some hope!

Here was my progress.....

Day 1 - A Big Ball.

Day 2 - A Small ball... hum..

Days 1 - 5
Big Ball,  little Ball,  Med. Ball,
to half circles, and two tubes?
I am starting to to think ..PIG?  

Okay..All the pieces.....we now have 4 tubes, and 
 two black circles..yep I am thinking pig.

Here is my finished "Bear"..LOL.
 Yes, it is a bear.
My Son says it is a pig, my dil says it's a monkey..
But it is really a bear.
I choose red yarn because  I already had it..
now I wished I would have chosen brown or cream.

This was very fun and am looking forward to doing this again..

as a matter of fact I am thinking of hosting one myself.

Something Dog related.

Anyone interested? 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where are My chihuahuas?

In Preparing 
 for our Garage Sale
this week-end,
I found my
"Taco Bell"Beanies,
as well as a few others.
Back to sorting through my beautiful skinny clothes,
that I can no longer wear,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Really Big Garage Sale! Really?

Well, we have decided to have a
 this week-end since we are relocating.
Our son  and His Wife are moving as well. 
 So we are going to combine them.  
 Great idea!
This all sounds great, but now that I have spent
one day gathering everything together.....
I am not so sure.

It is amazing the amount of
"Nice Junk"
you can accumulate!

So as the Garage sale adventure continues...
I will keep you posted!

As I was going through the closet, pulling out extra things to put in the garage sale,
 I came across these. They are Crochet Sweater hangers.
They keep the hanger from making bumps on the shoulders of your sweater.
 My MIL made these for me many years ago...
.I wish I had paid attention when she showed me how to make them.

Come on by...Everything will be priced
cheap, cheap, cheap!!!

Help I am buried under
 a pile of beanie babies!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crochet Pattern For Bowl made of T-Shirt yarn or "Tarn"

Crochet Pattern For Bowl 
made of T-Shirt yarn or "Tarn"
By Sara Sach of
 Posh Pooch Designs
The Crochet Pattern for the Bowl made of Tarn
 is a really super easy Pattern.
Did you purchase some of the Tarn or T- Shirt yarn when it was on sale From Lion Brand.
I did, and decided to update this pattern.
I Love it Crocheted up with the Fettuccini Yarn!
This Yarn makes a sturdy bowl that is perfect for using
 as a yarn bowl.
I ordered an assortment of of The T - Shirt Yarn.
Some of the Tarn varies in size and you can have a bowl
 that is a little smaller or bigger.
This Bow can be used for lots of different things,
 but I think it is a great travel yarn bowl. 
You can fold it up and put it in your yarn bag, 
and pull it out when you need it.

See The video on my Youtube Crochet
 Channel At This LINK

Tarn Bowl Crochet Pattern
Please Add This Pattern to Your Ravelry Favorites 

Skill:  Easy

Materials :
Crochet Hook: N/ 10.00MM
T-Shirt yarn or "Tarn" as some call it -2 colors(C1, C2) total of 9 oz.
    I used Lion Brand Fettucini
A piece of yarn to mark your rows

Slip Stitch (slst)
Single crochet (sc)
Back Loop Only (blo)
Change to (chgto)

Size: 8 X 5 inches
2 chs = 1 inch, 1 Row = 1 inch

Bowl is worked in Rounds, no joining.

R: 1 - Ch 6 with C1, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook,
1 sc in the next 3 chs, 2 sc in the last ch, turn,
stitching down the opposite side of the ch,
2 sc in the 1st ch, 1 sc in the next 3 ch, 2 sc in the last ch. (14 sc)

Mark each row with the piece of yarn

R: 2 - 2 sc in each sc. (28sc)

R: 3 - *2 sc in the lst sc, 1 sc in the next sc, repeat from * around the oval. (42sc)

R: 4 - BLO, (this row only)1 sc in each sc. (42sc)

R: 5 -  1 sc in each sc. (42sc)

R: 6 - R: 7  -Repeat R: 4

R: 8 - Chgto C2, 1 sc in each sc. (42sc)

R: 9 - Repeat R: 8 (42sc)

R: 10 - Chgto C1, 1 sc in each sc ( 42 sc)

R: 11 - 1 sc in each sc, tie off weave in ends. (42 sc)

 Would like to earn how to make your own Tarn?
I have and it's lots of fun, and a great way to recycle 
old T- Shirts.
Happy Hooking!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Learning How to make T-Shirt yarn or "Tarn"

I wanted to learn how to make
 T-shirt Yarn or "Tarn" 

By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

I made a Video, which you can see 
At This LINK

What You need:
 Old T-Shirts - washed and dried
A Good Pair of Fabric Scissors
A Tape measure if you want to measure your strips

Let's Get started!

The first thing I did was raid my husbands
 T-shirt drawer. Once I picked the colors I wanted,

I laid the it on the counter  flat, and cut  the hem off
and cut  across the chest, right under the sleeves,

I The turned it side ways so the folds were on the top and bottom.
 I folded the Top down about 2 inches. 
 (Now, I did not measure anything,
I eyeballed it all.)
 I cut from bottom to top  about 1 inch strips,
stopping short of the fold. I did this all the way across the the T-Shirt.

I  opened the end of the T-shirt the  I did not cut, and make a cut 
from the first, strip to the next strip. It will be  a slanted cut.

I was struggling a little with cutting the next slanted cuts,
so I got out my big tea pitcher, and laid it the T-Shirt on top.
 This really helped a lot.

As I cut each strip, I unwound it and let it drape to the floor.
Isn't it pretty?

Once I had the "Tarn" all cut, It need to be stretched to look like yarn.
I gently pulled on the yarn to get it to stretch,
but not to hard or it will break.

I ended up making three different colors. I had to stop,
 because all the cutting was rubbing a blister on my finger.
(yes, I am a big baby!)

With Tarn I made this yarn Bowl.
I think is is lovely.
See it at This LINK

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oklahoma Vs. Colorado

My husband loves
 the mountains
 and I love the beach. 
 So we live in Oklahoma
 were there is neither.

This has always been a joke 
between my husband
and I, as to why we live
 in Oklahoma,
But the real reason is 
because our family lives here.

But it looks like we will be relocating to
 Denver, Colorado.

It is going to be hard.
....not the move.
...the leaving.

My sister, Mom and me
I will be leaving my sister and my mom.

I will be leaving my Grandkids, Daughter and Son-in-law.

I will also be leaving
 my church Family At Eastland Baptist Church

I became a part of this church 40 years ago,
 as a child, I and my sisters began to ride the church bus to Sunday school.
My Mother, came to church , when the new Pastor came.
His name was Dave Hardy.
We began attending every Sunday Morning , Sunday night and wed.
And became very active at the church,
Which wasn't easy for a single mother of 4 girls, in those days.

I grew up at Eastland Baptist church, I learned about the Lord,
 I  learned about standards,  missions and tithing
and  The King James Bible..
When I was 15, the youth director's wife, lead me to the Lord..
 I was baptized in the "old green auditorium".

 I married a Christian man, my husband being the USAF
we traveled a lot, always went to good churches,
 but never one like EASTLAND.

Upon retiring from the USAF we decided to settle
 back in Oklahoma, because of the my family, yes, 
 But, also because of  the church.

My daughter was married at this church, in the Blue Auditorium, 
and I have seen several of my nieces and nephews saved and baptized
here, as well.  So alot of my heart is here.

 A Pastor preached a sermon once, that was titled,
 "Sometimes God Asks us to do hard things."

I Love my Church..
And Leaving is a "hard thing!"

And to answer the Question, "Is this God's Will".
Yes, It is God's will for me to be were my husband is.

Colorado...Here we come,
Are you ready for us!