Thursday, December 31, 2015

What is a Temperature Blanket? | Posh Pooch Designs

I keep seeing many people
 talking about them 
on line and was wondering
 the same thing.

So What is a
 " Temperature Blanket"?

Repeat Crafter me explains it best.

"A Temperature Blanket is a 
great project to start January 1st! 
The idea is to crochet a row a 
day for an entire year. 
The color you use is determined by
 the temperature each day."

The above picture was borrowed from 

I think this sounds like great fun.

Especially since we have had 

such crazy weather lately.

You choose your color pattern,
 You choose your blanket pattern.
You Crochet 1 row a day.
Easy peasy!

I plan on making mine with
And This is a list of the colors I am using.
This is the blanket Pattern
 I am going to use.
This is Free Pattern on Ravelry.
I Love this because every row
 is a different stitch pattern.

So, I crochet the yarn color according
 to the temperature,
following this fun pattern.

I can do this.
I am also going to keep a notebook,
 to keep track
 of the daily temperature.

I will be using our 
daily high temperature,
As posted on my weather
 app on my phone.

If you want to join me and post your pics to 
It is a private group to keep out 
Spammers and such.
 Just ask to join.

I am so excited to do this!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best of 2015 - Our Most Popular Patterns | Posh Pooch Designs

These Patterns are 
Most Popular Patterns for 2015.
It is a very interesting list.
There are 15 Crochet Patterns.
14 in the collage and then
the one new pattern.
Some of them are paid 
and some are free Patterns.

Just click the name of the Pattern.
 That is the link to take you to were
 you can find the pattern.

Some for  Pooches,
Some for People,
and some for Fun!

I just released this pattern
 a few days ago.
 And it is really popular, already!
15. Sweater Coffee Mug Cozy

Also Take a moment to 
look Through my
 Free Crochet Pattern Directory 
and My
Free Knit Pattern Page.

You will find lots of Free Patterns
 for pooches, people ,
 and many more.

New patterns are added weekly!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fruit Striped Cowl Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

Fruit Striped Cowl Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach of  Posh Pooch Designs

This Crochet Pattern has been updated.
 It now has a photo tutorial and Video Tutorial.
You can find them at This LINK

Fruit Striped Cowl Crochet Pattern
by Sara Sach
Please, add this crochet pattern to your Ravelry Favorites.

AN Ad Free PDF File is now Available
 For $3.50 in my Ravery Shop
 At This LINK

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sweater Coffee Mug Cozie Crochet Pattern and the Croco party! | Posh Pooch Designs

Sweater Coffee Mug Cozies
 Crochet Pattern 
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs 

I made these  adorable
Sweater Coffee Mug Cozies.
And I want to share my crochet pattern
with you all.

See the Video on my Youtube Crochet
Channel at this LINK

Sweater Coffee Mug Cozie Crochet Pattern 

Please add this crochet pattern to your Ravelry Favorites

Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook - H/ 5.00
Yarn - Worsted Weight Yarn (4) 1 oz. 
               Red Sparkle or Green Sparkle
            Small amount of contrasting color for trim (.5 oz.)
button - 1/2 inch - For the mug cozy
1 decorative button of choice
Yarn Needle

Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (slst)
Single Crochet (sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Together (tog)

Size: 9 X 3 inches

Ch 1 at ends of rows, does not count as a st.
It is a turning chain.

R : 1 - Ch11, 1 hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook 
and in each ch across. ch1, turn (10hdc)

R : 2 - 1 hdc in each st across, ch1, turn (10hdc)

R : 3 - R : 18 - Repeat R : 2

R : 19 - Hdc tog the 1st 2 hdc, 1 hdc in the next 6 dc,
 hdc tog the last 2 hdc, ch1, turn (8hdc)

R : 20 - Hdc tog the 1st 2 hdc, 1 hdc in the next 4 dc,
 hdc tog the last 2 hdc, ch1, turn (6hdc)

R : 21 - Hdc tog the 1st 2 hdc, 1 hdc in the next 2 dc,
 hdc tog the last 2 hdc, ch1, turn (4hdc)

R : 22 - 1 Hdc in each hdc, ch1, turn (4hdc)

R : 23 - Repeat R : 22, ch3, join to the 1st hdc to form a loop.
This is your button loop. tie off, weave in your ends.

Trim - With the contrasting color of yarn,
 join yarn in the button loop,
 st 4 sc in the loop. Evenly sc across the top, 
side and bottom of the mug sweater.
Place 3 sc in each of the corners.
the join to the 1st sc . tie off.

Mug Sleeves: Make 2
R : 1 - ch 9, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook,

1 sc in each st across, ch1, turn (8sc)

R : 2 - sc in each sc, ch1, turn (8sc)

R : 3 - R : 7 - Repeat R : 2

R : 8 - Change to trim color, 1 sc in each sc, tie off leaving a 12 inch tail of yarn.

Fold the sleeve closed with the trim at the bottom of the sleeve.

Slst closed the sleeve,  then sew onto the front of the sweater using the tail of yarn.
Sew a button on the front and 
a button onto the end lined up with the button loop.
We have a local group called 
"Croco Group"
We meet at a local Coffee Shop 
And we crochet, sip coffee and chat.
"Crochet and Coffee"

We decided to have a Christmas Party
 and I got to house it at my house.
So each of my Guests received 
a Coffee cup with the

Sweater Coffee Mug Cozy
and a Dog Bone Tree ornament.
Pattern for the Dog Bone ornament
We had Coffee Cup cookies and 
Yarn Ball Cookies
and lots of other goodies.
We had a wonderful time and 
I received some wonderful gifts!

I hope everyone had a 
wonderful Christmas.

An Ad Free PDF file is AvailAble 
For the Sweater Coffee Cozies
For $2.50 in my Ravelry Shop
At This LINK

Thursday, December 17, 2015

STARWARS Day! And My Princess Leia Hat.

I am so excited!
We got tickets to see the new

So I whipped up a Princess Leia Hat to wear.
The Chunky Double Crochet beanie is a basic
 Beanie in 3 sizes, so it can be used for any hat!

May the "Forth" Be With You!

See The Video on my Youtube Channel
 at this LINK
Chunky Leia Bun Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach
Please add this Free Crochet Pattern to Your Ravelry Favorites

Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook – J
Yarn- Chunky (5) (3 oz.)
            I used Jiffy - Brown
Yarn Needle

Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (slst)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc)

Size: Approximate Sizes
 Child - 15 -16 inches
Youth - 17-18 inches
Adult – 20-22 inches

Ch 3 at beginning of Rounds counts as 1st Double Crochet.
Rounds are joined with a slip Stitch.

R: 1 –With C1, ch 4, 9 dc in the 4th ch from the hook,
Join in a circle, ch 3. (10dc)

R: 2 –  Ch3 counts as 1st dc, 1 dc in the same st as the ch3,
2 dc in each st around, join, ch 3 (20dc)

R: 3 - Ch3 counts as 1st dc, 1 dc in the same st as the ch3,
*1 dc in the next st, 2 dc in the next st* Repeat From * to * around,
 Join, ch 3 (30dc)

R: 4 - Ch3 counts as 1st dc, 1 dc in the same st as the ch3,
*1 dc in the next 2 sts, 2 dc in the next st*
Repeat From * to * around, Join, ch 3 (40dc)

 Child Size - Skip to R: 7

 R: 5 - Ch3 counts as 1st dc, 1 dc in the same st as the ch3,
*1 dc in the next 3 sts, 2 dc in the next st*
Repeat From * to * around, Join, ch 3 (50dc)

Youth Size -Skip to R: 7

R : 6 – Ch3 counts as 1st dc, 1 dc in the same st as the ch3,
*1 dc in the next 4 sts, 2 dc in the next st*
Repeat From * to * around, Join, ch 3 (60dc)

R: 7 - 1 dc in each dc around, join ch 3(40, 50 60 dc)

R :8 – Child - R: 9 - Repeat R: 6
          Youth - R: 12 -Repeat R: 6
          Adult - R: 14 - Repeat R: 6

Add More Rounds if needed for length

Tie off and weave in your ends.

 Front Part -Gather the front with a few wrap stitched for the part,
 by threaded  12 inch piece of yarn in the needle and make 3 long stitches.

For The Buns : I made 2,
 Using 3 or 4 strands of yarn. Ch a 24 inch chain.
Coiled them up and sewed them on.
Super easy to make and So fun to wear!

I Love it!

 I was going through pictures and
 found this cake my DIL
 make for my grandson's 4th bithday!
She makes, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, 
muffins and cookies and anything baked.
 You can find her page here:

Well, I have to go find a Princess Leia
 Top to go with my hat!

"May the Force be with you."

Monday, December 14, 2015

Random Christmas Cowl Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

Random Christmas Cowl And Scarf
Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

I had been working on some
 fun Christmas gifts using Christmas yarns.
 I am done! Woo Hoo!

But, I had several 1/2 balls or less, of Christmas yarns left over.
So What better item to make with them, then a fun, 
easy, and quick Christmas Cowl for myself.

I used all Med (4) yarns, of several different brands,
And 2 strands of yarn.
You can also use Funfur, or 1 strand of (5 or 6) Weight yarn.

I Named this Cowl Design "Random Christmas Cowl"
 because I randomly chose the colors from my yarn basket of 
Left over Christmas yarns.

The Cowl is designed to be 36 inches around,
 But you can make it as long as want.
It is 6 inches wide, 
which I think, is the perfect width.

Video Tutorial on my Youtube Crochet
Channel at this LINK

Random Christmas Cowl And Scarf Crochet Pattern

Please, Add this pattern to your Ravelry Favorites

Skill: Super Easy

Materials -
Crochet Hook- J/ 6.00
Yarn - About 6.5 oz of any Worsted Weight yarn (4)
Yarn Needle for weaving in ends.

Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Skip (sk)
Slip Stitch (slst)
Picot Stitch (pcst) Explained in the pattern.

Size: 36 X 6 (3 chs = 1 inch)
To make wider - add in 3 ch increments.
1 Row = 1 inch - To make longer stitch as many rows as as needed.

Cowl is worked using 2 strands of Med (4) yarn.
Ch 3 counts as dc at beginning of rows.


R: 1 - Ch 22, 1dc in the 4th ch from the hook,
(1st 3 chs counts as a dc)
1 dc in each ch across, turn, ch 3(20dc)

R: 2 - (Ch3 counts as 1st dc) 1 dc in the next dc,
*ch1, sk the next dc, 1dc in the next 2 dc*
Repeat Front * to * 5 more times.

Ch 4, slst in the last dc (1 pcst) turn, ch3

( 7 groups of 2 dc + 6 chs =20sts)

R: 3 - R: 36  - Repeat R: 2
Or as long as you want it.
R: 37 – 1 dc in each dc, and ch1 across, tie off is making a scarf.
(20 dc)

Please, the ends together, without twisting,
sc the ends together for a Cowl.
Weave in all your ends.

An Ad Free PDF file is now
Available in y Raverly Shop
 For $3.50 At This LINK

I decided to take pics with my Christmas decor,
 rather then with my models. 
I Love the pics.
This cowl is a fun way to add a little 
Christmas Sparkle to your Holiday outfit.
And it is a great last minute gift!
A Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How To Make Christmas Glitter Ball Ornaments | Posh Pooch Designs

#6 in Our " How to Have a Very
 Yarnie Christmas" Series.

These are so much fun to make and
 I had a blast making them.

Here is What You will need:
Glass Balls
Spray Glitter
Pom poms
Ornament Hangers
I Purchased all these things at Hobby Lobby.
I chose the small balls, as my tree is small.
 But any size will work.

They also have plastic clear balls,
 if you want to do this with your kids.
Ok - Lets get started:
Step 1 - Turn all the balls upside 
down in the tray they came in.
Take the tray and the glitter spray 
OUTSIDE or in a well ventilated area.
Shake the Glitter Spray a lot 
to make sure the glitter comes out even.
Spray the glass balls.
Let them dry for about 1 hour.
You will probably glitter your hands, 
like I did.
Nail polish remover will take it right off.
 But, I left mine on, Because I liked it.
Step 2 - Once the Glitter Spray is dry,
Pull the top off the glass ball.
Then put in the ball a few pom poms 
and some of the glitter.
The amount is up to you.
Again you will probably get 
glitter every where like I did.
Here are the first ones I made.
 I Love them.

HINT: The best way to clean up 
Glitter is of course to put as much as
 possible back in the bag or container.
But to get all those left over pieces, 
wipe the surface with a damp sponge.
then tap off in the trash.
Glitter is made of metal flakes 
and those flakes get static cling
and stick to each other, 
the dampness of the sponge 
cuts that static cling.
Step 3 : Now they are ready to 
hang on the hangers, 
and put on your tree.
I had a few extra Glitter Balls, 
so I added them to my table center piece.
I made the Big Glitter Balls last year.
 Link for how to make those is Here

#1 - #4 of  How To Have a Very Yarnie 
Christmas Can be found 
at this HERE