Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What Is Your Favorite Crochet Hook? | Posh Pooch Design

What are all those styles of Crochet Hooks for?
And does what the Crochet hook
 is made out of matter?
Will it make a difference in my project?
There are so many styles and types,
 I just do not know what to get?
(this is just a tiny amount of the crochet hooks I own!)

See This Video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

One of the big Questions is, 
"Which do you prefer, 
Bates or Boye Crochet Hooks?"

These 2 hooks are both N-15 US/10.0 mm
For comparison.
You can see they are definitely different.

Here is a picture I made to show you the
Anatomy of a Crochet Hook.
Basic Types Crochet Hooks

Aluminum Hooks -   These hooks are the most popular hooks.
 They are available in all sizes.
 They are smooth to work with and last forever.

Bamboo Hooks – These hooks are lightweight.
 They are available in all the average sizes, but not in the smallest
 and jumbo sizes. They are not as durable as aluminum hooks.

Plastic Hooks – These hooks are available in all the common sizes,
 as well as jumbo hooks.
They are very large and are usually made of hollow plastic, 
because it is lightweight. They are not as durable as the Aluminum hooks, 
and are a great choice for beginners.

Steel Hooks – These hooks are for the smallest sizes. 
They are mainly used when crocheting fine thread.
 Although these are very tiny hooks, they are a very durable.
 In addition, they have a smooth flow.

Tunisian Hooks – These hooks are longer than regular hook and have
 a stopper on the end, similar to a knitting needle.  
Tunisian crochet is also called afghan crochet, and the fabric looks
 different from normal crochet, and a little like knitting.
Some Tunisian hooks will have a cord attached, 
with the stopper on the end of the cord.
This is for large projects like blankets.

Cro-Hook – These hooks are long, with a hook on both ends. 
It is a sturdy hook. It is considered a Tunisian hook, 
And used with the Tunisian style crochet.

There are a lot of different brands with 
different types of handles. 

I hope this blog gives you a better 
understanding of Crochet Hooks.
 But it really boils down to what type and Style
 of crochet hook you prefer.

So, Which one is your Favorite?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

National Red Nose Day | Posh Pooch Designs

It is 
"National Red Nose Day"!
and I was hoping to get some 
fun Photos of my pooches wearing a red nose.
Didn't work out as planned.
I love These pics, they are so funny.
Neither pooch was having it!
So I had to put the Red Nose on me!
This was so fun!
What is National Red Nose Day?
Read all about it at this

This is The Crochet Pattern I used
It is a Free pattern By
Articles Of A Domestic Goddess and
can be found at this 

I guess Maximo and Rosie 
will not be wearing a Red Nose.

But, Do not let that stop you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sarcelle Marron Throw Blanket Crochet pattern and Video | Posh Pooch Designs

The Sarcelle Marron Throw Blanket
 Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach of
 Posh Pooch Designs

This Crochet Pattern has been updated, 
with new pictures and a 
Video Tutorial At This LINK

I designed This fun and Easy Throw Blanket
 For my newly designed yarn studio.
I purchased this lovely Tri-fold chair, 
then I added a few pillows, 
along with the new throw blanket
for a comfy spot to sit and crochet.

"Sarcelle Marron" means "Teal Brown" In French.
So it's a perfect Name For This Throw Blanket.

The chair folds out into a single sized bed.
I designed the blanket the size of a throw, 
but it is super simple to make larger.

I designed it using Red Heart Super Saver. 
I wanted it to be durable, and washable, 
but also to look 
"magnifique" in my New Yarn Studio.
The size is a perfect fit for my new crochet spot.
And The colors I chose are to match those colors,
 that I chose to design with.
And I Love it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crochet Skill Levels | Posh Pooch Designs

I get lots of questions about 
Crochet Skill Levels on Patterns.
The one question I get the most is 
"This is an Easy pattern, 
but it seems hard for a Beginner crocheter"?

That is because a
 "Beginner Crochet Pattern" and
 a "Easy Crochet Pattern"
are NOT the same thing.

You Can See This Video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

Here is a chart of the 
Basic Skill levels that are used by 
Most Crochet Pattern Writers.
I say most because a few of us 
have a few more "levels"  
that we use occasionally.
Some times we use other terms 
for a better description,
 for example, I also have what I call a
"Easy to Moderate level"
 which I use when I think it is an easy pattern, 
with a different stitch or technique,
 but not hard enough to be 
considered intermediate.

Remember if you do not understand - 
You can always ask the pattern designer!
Their email is always in the pattern.

I hope this helps explain the Crochet Skill levels better.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Dog Sweaters Custom Made - New Etsy Listings | Posh Pooch Designs

I have made many Custom made Dog Sweaters
  through the years.
 They are my favorite items to make.
 And I love to see the dogs, and cats too, wearing them.
I love getting pics and seeing that they love them.

 Custom Orders are my most favorite kind of order!

I listed a some of them in 
Here are a few of the listings:
For Small Dogs
It is a Sweater with a full tummy and
There are 2 styles of flowers to choose from.
And you can choose any color or 
combination of colors for the sweater. 

For Small Dogs
This Sweater is a summer Style, 
with a fun little trim on the hem and neck.
It has a full chest, but no sleeves.
You can choose between, hearts, butterflies or 
cupcakes for your appliques.
And Any color combination you want.

For Small Dogs
This is a basic Dog sweater with a full chest, 
and fun big Flowers  with buttons at the center.
This Sweater can be made any colors of choice.

ANY Sweater, or item you see listed in 
My Etsy, or My Ravelry shops as a pattern,
 Can be a custom made item for you or your pet.
And ANY size. 
 If you want a larger dog size sweater or hat, 
or anything, just hit that
 "Request a Custom Order" tab or contact me 
and I will be happy to give you a quote.

Here is a link with pics of Dogs wearing
Custom items I have made for them.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Downton Abbey Inspired Crochet Patterns | Posh Pooch Designs

I Love The Series Downton Abbey. 
I have designed some Crochet Patterns
 that are inspired by the people of Downton Abbey.

The name of the Pattern is below the picture.
 Just click the name and it will
 take you to where the free pattern.
See Video for all three of these Patterns on my 
Youtube channelat This LINK

1. Lady Edith's Butterfly Stitch Scarf

These three crochet patterns are 
all stitched with the Downton Abbey yarns, 
which are quite wonderful.
I have also added a video for each one to help you
 understand the stitches and techniques.

I do have plans for a Design inspired by Both

Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham

Cora Crawley née Levinson, Countess of Grantham

But those are still in the designing stage.

And Maybe more!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Basic Crochet Term Abreviations | Posh Pooch Designs

I have had a lot of People ask me,
 "What do all the Crochet Abbreviations mean"?

Most crochet patterns and pattern designers include a 
"Stitches and Terms" section at the top of the pattern
that include the abbreviations used and what they mean.

This is so you can refer back to them when ever needed.
The basic United States terms and abbreviations
 are as follows:

US Crochet  Terms

Stitches Terms and Techniques:
Chain                                                    ch
Slip Stitch                                            slst
Single Crochet                                     sc  
Half Double Crochet                           hdc 
Double Crochet                                    dc  
Treble Crochet                                       tr 
Double Treble Crochet                         dtr  
Front Post Double Crochet                  fpdc
Back post Double Crochet                   bpdc
Front Loop Only                                   flo
Back Loop Only                                   blo
Foundation Single Crochet                   fsc
Foundations Double Crochet               fdc
Foundation Half Double Crochet         fhdc

Other Terms
Skip              sk
Space            sp
Stitch            st
Change         chg
Together       tog
Decrease       dec
Increase        inc

You can see this Video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

There are more terms then these I have listed,
 but these are the ones most used.

Do not get frustrated.

If you see an abbreviation that you don't 
know what it is, 
you can always ask the designer of the Pattern
or Google it.
Most Patterns designers list their email address
 right in the pattern.

Here is a list of the 
NOT So Official Crochet Terms
 that Crocheters often use.
"The Not So official Crochet Terms"

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lady Sybil's Lace Cape Shawl Crochet Pattern and Video | Posh Pooch Designs

Lady Sybil's Lace Cape Shawl
 Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

This is my 3rd Crochet Pattern inspired by 
the Series Downton Abbey
I have named each design after each
 of the Lady's On the Series.
I loved the series and hated to see it go.
This design reminds of of Lady Sybil, 
as she was so sweet, kind and thoughtful of others.

The pattern is really quite simple 
and yet classy as well.
 It is stitched with a large crochet hook
 to give it the open lacy effect.

You can see this Video on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

Lady Sybil's Lace Cape Shawl Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach
Please add this pattern to your Ravelry Favorites
Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook: I
Yarn:  1 skein of Fine (2) Yarn 380 yds. / 3 oz.
            Downton Abby Yarn Collection/ Lady Sybil / Mulled Grape
            (S and M – 2 skeins, L 2.5 skeins, XL 3 skeins)
Button – A ½ inch Pearl Button

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Slip Stitch (slst)
Double Crochet (dc)
Skip (sk)
Space (sp)

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Neck measurement – 32(34, 36, 38) inches
Pattern written in Small with Medium, Large, Extra Large in parenthesis.

Notes: ch3 counts as the 1st Dc on the next row.

R: 1 – Ch 69 (71, 75, 79), 1 dc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and in each ch across,
Turn, Ch 3 (68, 70, 74, 78 dc)

R: 2 – 1 dc in each dc, ch3 turn

R: 3 – R: 4 – Repeat R: 2

R: 5 – 1 dc in the same st as ch 3,
*ch3, sk 3 dc, (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in the next dc*
Repeat From * to * across row, 2 dc in the last dc,
ch 3 turn.

R: 6 – 1 dc in the same dc as the ch3,
*ch3, (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in the ch1 space between the next 2 dc*
Repeat From * to * across row, 1 dc in the last 2 dc, Turn, ch 3

R: 7 – R: 10 – Repeat R: 6.

R: 11 – 1 dc in the same dc as the ch3,
*ch4, (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in the ch1 space between the next 2 dc*
Repeat From * to * across row, 1 dc in the last 2 dc, Turn, ch 3

R: 12- R: 16 – Repeat R: 11

R: 17 – 1 dc in the same dc as the ch3,
*ch5, (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in the ch1 space between the next 2 dc*
Repeat From * to * across row, 1 dc in the last 2 dc, Turn, ch 3

R: 18 – R: 24 – Repeat R: 17

If you want the cape longer Repeat R: 17 until desired length.

R: 25 – 1 dc in the same st as the ch3, *4 dc in the 1st ch 5 sp, 3 dc in next ch1 space*
Repeat From * to * across, 1 dc in the last 2 dc, ch 3 turn

R: 26 – 1 dc in each dc across, tie off and weave in your ends.

Sew 1 button to top of the Cape.
I hope you love this pattern.
 If you make one please fill free to
 post a picture to my facebook page at

This Crochet Pattern is available in a 
Instant Download Pdf File
in my RAVELRY shop for $4.50
You can download that at this link:

Friday, May 13, 2016

Yarn Ball Curtain Tie Back Crochet Pattern and Video | Posh Pooch Designs

I just remodeled or re-designed my yarn Studio
And I designed these fun 
Yarn Ball Curtain tie backs for the Curtains
 in my window.
I Love Them.
It is a really simple Pattern or Recipe to make them.
Here is a Video to show you what I did.
You can see this video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

Yarn Ball Curtain Tie Backs Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach
Please add this pattern to Your Ravelry Favorties.

Skill: Easy

Materials :
Crochet Hook - J
Yarn - Worsted Weight ( 4) about 2 oz of 3 colors of Choice
            I used REd Heart Super Saver, Brown, Teal and Aqua
Yarn Needle

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)

Pattern Notes:
Tie Back Strap is Stitched using 2 strands of yarn.

Pattern: Tie back strap
Ch 81, 1 sc in the 2nd cha from the hook, 1 sc in each ch across.
 Tie off and weave in your ends.

Wind 2 Yarn balls about 1 .5 inches, attach one to each 
end of the Strap using the needle and yarn tail.

And That is it.
 Super Easy, Super fun and Super Cute!
Loop them through Your curtains.
Don't you just Love them.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Do's and Don'ts of a Live Video Chat | Posh Pooch Designs

I Love The new Feature for 
Live Video Chats on Facebook.
 You can see the one's I have done on my page at
Posh Pooch Designs in my videos.

 I am really loving that people can see who I am,
Putting a face to Posh Pooch Designs.
I have learned a few things, 
and still have more to learn.

After talking with a few of my 
"Watchers and Listeners" 
I have put together a few "Do's and Do Not's"
When Filming your Live Video Chats.
I hope these are a help to you.

 Let's Start With the "Do's"

1. Do Be Real - Be yourself and talk about yourself.
Don't go into to much detail. But people like to
 know who they are doing business with.
Be excited and show your passion for your art!

2. Have a Specific Topic you want to talk about,
a theme for the week. Stay on topic, 
but also, leave room for flexibility.
It is a  Conversation, not a speech.
Be informative and fun!

3. Have fun, tell a joke or a silly story.
It will help you relax and be more comfortable.
It will also, help to get the conversation going.
Laugh and smile and be genuinely happy!

4. Watch Those Comments - That is how the watchers communicate. Try to respond to every comment.
Let  them know you are glad they are listening, 
and of course we are!
And Tell them so, "I am so happy You are here" 
or "Thanks you for watching"!
Call them by name, and if you can not pronounce
their name, tell them so.

5. Give  A Ways are a great way to pull people in and 
let them know you are having a Live Video Chat.
Also a great way to get fellow Designer's names out there.

Now The "Don'ts" 

1. Do Not be negative - No one likes that.
No complaining, griping or whining about 
customers, sales, family, friends or anything.
It is okay to have a sad moment, like when talking about 
some one or a pet who passed, but move on quickly -
do not camp there.

2. Do Not rattle on- Make notes and keep your notes near.
If you seem like you are rattling on, 
they will leave and think it is not important 
enough to you, to plan ahead. You can deviate from 
those notes, but it is good to have a guide of what you 
want to talk about.

3. Do Not be in a messy room - Be aware of your back
ground and surroundings. If there is clutter and
 mess, people will be distracted and turn you off.
Like Stuff on the back of the couch, dishes in the sink, 
toys on the floor or laundry baskets. 
You want the focus on you. 

4. Do Not leave the television or radio on. 
This is extremely distracting. 
If you need to keep your kids busy while you film, 
shut the door or turn it down.
Even Quite music in the back ground can be distracting.
A Quiet room is best.

My Goal is to get more watchers and listeners,
to my  Live Video Chats,  
and to get those watchers and listeners involved.
As Well as, To make lasting contentions and friends.