Sunday, October 27, 2013

Against animal Cruelty and Abuse Ribbons

This Crochet Pattern can be made as a Dog or pet collar, 
and a Wristband for you!

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 at This LINK
The original pattern was designed for the 
"Animal Abuse and Cruelty to Animals" colors, 
which are orange and purple. 
But it works great for all causes.
This Pattern has a few options
You can make the Ribbon 1 color or 2 colors.
 And you can make the band with 1 color or 2 colors.
Which is great, because some awareness Ribbons have
 more then 1 color.

Against Animal Abuse Ribbon Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach

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H hook 
Yarn Needle
Tape measure ( measure your dog's neck or your wrist)
Yarn - Worsted Weight yarn (4) 

chain (ch)
Single Crochet ( sc)
Slip Stitch  ( sl st)

Size - band - 3 rows= 1 inch

Row 1 : With orange yarn, Ch 24, turn, Then in the 2nd ch from the hook,
 1 sc, 1 sc in the next 9 chs, 2 sc in the next 3 chs, then 1 sc in the lst 10 sc,  (26 sc)

OPTIONAL - Row 2 : change to purple yarn, ch1, (does not count as a st) 1 sc in the next 12 sc, 
2 sc in the next 2 sc, 1 sc in the last 12 sc, tie off weave in your ends. (28 sc) 
Attach center of ribbon together with a few stitches.

Row 1 : With Orange yarn Ch 6, turn, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, 
and in the next 4 chs, ch1, ( does not count as a st ) turn, (5 sc)

OPTIONAL - Row 2 : Working in the back loops only, 1 sc in each sc across, ch1, 
( does not count  as a st) turn ( 5 sc)

R : 3 -24  -   Repeat R : 2  for as many rows as needed for your dog's neck measurement.
Do not tie off, Put the 2 ends together and sl st closed. tie off weave in end of yarn.

Collar trim : With purple yarn, attach to top back of collar with a sl st, 1 sc in the end of each row around collar, join to the 1st st and tie off, weave in ends.

This collar can be made into any colors and for any cause. 
 It can also be made into a bracelet for us.

Have fun and lets 
see some of yours.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fleece Cowl Crochet Pattern

Fleece Cowl Crochet Pattern
I found this wonderful yarn called
Cuddle Fleece By Deborah Norville
It is so soft and fun to work with.

This pattern is Super easy and Quick to make.
And so soft and comfy to wear.

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To Make the Fleece Cowl you will need:

2 Balls of the Fleece yarn
(the color I used is called Night Snow)
 N- 9.00mm  hook
3 big fun buttons

You could use any #5 Bulky yarn for this cowl. 

Note : (Ch1 is a turning ch and does not count as a st.)

Row :1 Ch 23, turn, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, 
and in each ch across, ch1, turn  ( 22 sc)

Row 2 : working in the back loops, 1 sc in each sc, ch1 turn. ( 22 sc)

Row 3 - 90 : Repeat Row 2, continuing to st in the back loops.
Tie off after Row 90, work in end.

Fold Scarf ends to form a V. Place Buttons and sew in place, 
working through both thicknesses of the cowl.  
There are not any buttons holes, the buttons are merely decorative and 
sewing them in place help the scarf keep its shape.

I hope you will try this new fun yarn.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Love Custom Orders

I really do love Custom orders!
Some of my best sellers where 
custom  orders!
This is a Squirrel Dog Hat

This hat and scarf set 
where custom orders.

This Red Ruffle Dog Dress 
was also a custom order.

If you have an idea, or a style 
of a dog hat or sweater, just let me know.
 I would be happy to design it for you.

I can design a crochet pattern 
or the item itself.

Just contact me.

Monday, October 14, 2013

"Holy Cowl" Crochet Pattern

Have been down the yarn aisle
at Hobby Lobby lately?

My daughter
Elisabeth Spivey of
Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations
Works for Hobby Lobby 
as a freelance designer.
And She  designed this Cowl.
Read about it at this LINK

Here is my version.
I used Yarn Bee - 
First Love - Kisses.

I love this yarn, 
it is thick but not heavy.

And it really shows off the texture stitches.

You can also find the pattern on 
 Hobby Lobby website

Saturday, October 12, 2013

YARN GIVE AWAY - And The Winner is.....

National Yarn Day

And The Winner is.....


You have won the Yarn 

form the Give away!!!

contact me with your 
shipping address.

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