Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cable Stitch Dog Cowl With Buttons Free Crochet Pattern

Rosie Bell and Maximo Modeling
 my newest design.
Cable Stitch Dog Cowl With Buttons.

I had a lot of people asking
 for a small project, 
to learn the cable stitch with. 
This pattern is great way to learn 
 how to do the Crochet Cable Stitch.
And Practice it and get a 
great finished project.

Please, Add this Pattern to your
Cable Stitch Dog Cowl Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach

Skill: Easy

Hook - H
Yarn - I Love This yarn - I used med. Blue and Orchid Purple
2 or 3 fun buttons -1/2 inch

Chain ( ch)
Slip Stitch ( sl st)
Double Crochet ( dc)
Front Post Double Crochet ( fpdc)
Back Post Double Crochet ( bpdc)

Cowl fits a 10-12 inch dog neck
Note- Ch1 at end of rows is a turning ch, and does not count as a st.

R : 1 - Ch 13, 1 dc in the 2nd ch from the hook,
and in each ch across, ch1, turn ( 12 dc)
The St count is be 12 sts throughout project.

R : 2 - 1 dc in each dc, ch1, turn

R : 3 - 1 dc in the 1st 2 dc, 1 fpdc in the next st, 1 dc in the next st,
1 fpdc in the next 4 sts, 1 dc in the next st, 1 fpdc in the next st,
1 dc in the last 2 dc, ch 1, turn.
( 2dc, 1 fpdc, 1dc, 4fpdc, 1dc, 1 fpdc, 2 dc = 12 sts)

R : 4 -1 dc in the 1st 2 dc, 1 bpdc in the next st, 1 dc in the next st,
1 bpdc in the next 4 sts, 1 dc in the next st, 1 bpdc in the next st,
 1 dc in the last 2 dc, ch 1 turn.
( 2dc, 1 bpdc, 1dc, 4bpdc, 1dc, 1 bpdc, 2 dc = 12 sts)

R : 5 -1 dc in the 1st 2 dc, 1 fpdc in the next st, 1 dc in the next st,
 skip the next 2 sts,1 fpdc in the next 2 sts,
Cross back and 1 fpdc in the 2 skipped sts,
Make sure you st the cable in the number order in the picture 

1 dc in the next st, 1 fpdc in the next st, 1 dc in the last 2 dc, ch 1, turn.
( 2dc, 1 fpdc, 1dc, 4fpdc, 1dc, 1 fpdc, 2 dc = 12 sts)

R: 6 - Repeat R: 4

R : 7 - Repeat R : 3

R : 8 - Repeat R : 4

R : 9 - Repeat R : 5

R : 10-20  -Repeat R : 6-9 ,  3 more times for a total of 5 cables.

If you want a longer cowl,
 continue to repeat Rows 6-10 until you have reached the desired length. 
R : 21- Repeat R : 4

R : 22 - Repeat R : 3

R : 23- 1 dc in each st across, ch1, turn

R : 24 - Repeat R : 23

R : 25 - Shell Stitch edge. *sl st in the 1st st, sk the next st, 3 dc in the next st, sk the next st*,
Repeat twice, for 3 shells, tie off.

Sew the buttons on the opposite end. and ease them through R : 30 to button.
What color yarn will you 
make your pooch's Cowl?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crochet Cables - Tuesday Treasury of Crochet Patterns

I used to hate Crocheting cables.
Now I Love it!
I Love How it looks 3-D,
 and all the fun shapes 
and texture you get from
 crocheting cables.

I have put together a 
collection of Cable Crochet patterns
for you to try. 
Some are easier then others.
 Cables, like any other technique,
 can be mastered By practice.

The link and the Designer
 of each pattern,
 Are listed below.
 Jut click the link for 
the one you want.

Katie's Crochet Goodies

Meladoras Creations

Yarn Obsession

Pink Snail Boutique

Look At What I Made

Sara Sach -Posh Pooch Designs

Becky Dirlam of Grammy's Creations

My Hobby is Crochet

My Merry Messy Life

Mary Jane Protus/ Red Heart

String With Style

Sara Sach - Posh Pooch Designs

Kate Wagstaff

Crochet Memories


Tera Culling
So, here are 16 different 
styles of Cable Stitches.
have fun and learn to Crochet Cables.

If These patterns seem to hard. 
Try this one

Cable Stitch Dog Cowl With Buttons
Once you learn it,
You will love it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pink Snakeskin Scoodie Crochet Pattern - Yarn Review For Yorganza

This is a Photo Tutorial of how I designed this
 Scoodie with the Yorganza yarn.
Size is one size fits most- Youth to Adult

Please, add this crochet pattern to your 
Skill - Easy

Materials :
Hook- H
Yarn- 2 skeins of Yorganza - Fashion Scarf Fabric ( 64 yards)
1.5 skeins -Lion Brand's Heartland-Great Smokey Mountains  (9 oz)
Working With the "Yorganza Yarn" looks tricky,
 but if you follow the steps I show in the pictures,
you will see it is quite easy.
Chain ( ch)
Single Crochet ( sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)

Gauge - 4 stitches and 4 rows = 1 inch

Ch at the end of rows, do not count as a st.

We will be starting with the scarf portion - With the Heartland yarn, Ch 145

R : 1 - 1hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and in each ch across, ch 1 turn
( 144 hdc)

R : 2 - 1 hdc in each hdc, ch1, turn ( 144 hdc)

Your Stitch count will remain the same throughout the scarf portion.

R : 3 - We are putting the ruffle yarn on this row.
Before we start this row, I want to point out the holes the yarn has.
We will be working our sts through the holes.

First push your hook through the first hdc.

Then push your hook through the first hole.

 next, push the hook through the next 3 holes,
for a total of 4 holes.

 Loop the yarn over the hook,
And Pull the loop through the 4 holes of the Yorganza,

 Pull  the first loop through the 2nd loop.

Continue Steps 1-6 across the row. ch1, turn

 R : 4 - Work 1 hdc in each st across, ch 1 turn

R : 5-8  - Repeat R : 4

R : 9 - Repeat R : 3

R : 10 -13  - Repeat R : 4

R : 14 - Repeat R : 4, tie off and weave in your end.

 Hood Portion :

Ch1 at the end of rows, does not count as a st.

R : 1- Ch 35, 1 hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and in the next 33 chs,
2 hdc in the last st,

Working down the opposite side of the ch, 
1 hdc in the first ch, 1 hdc in the last 33 chs, ch1, turn. ( 36 hdc)

R : 2 - 1 hdc in each hdc, ch1, turn (36 hdc)

R : 3 - 18 - Repeat R : 2

R : 19 - Repeat Steps 1-6 of R: 3, of the Scarf portion.

R : 20 - 1 hdc in each st, ch 1, turn. ( 36 hdc)

R : 21 - Repeat R : 20,  Then evenly st hdc across the bottom of the Hood,
(placing 1 hdc in each row.) ch 1, turn.

R : 22 - 1 hdc in each hdc, tie off and weave in your end.

Center the hood in the center of the Scarf portion, and sc the hood to the scarf.
The Yorganza Yarn was really fun to work with. 
But if you are not adventurous with new yarns like I am, 
might be a little intimidating. 
 Once you get a rhythm going,
 it flows really nice,though.
I have a bunch of ideas I can use this yarn for. 
 Yes it makes glamorous scarves, 
but it would be wonderful, 
on a blouse or skirt edge, dog sweater, 
human sweater, bags,
 purses and backpacks...... 
well, on just about any project you want
 to add a little Ruffle to.
The model is sweet Young lady , that goes to my church,
She is a dear friend.
And is learning to crochet as well.
An Ad free PDF file is Available 
in my Ravelry Shop
 At This LINK
For $4.50

Sunday, October 26, 2014

"I don't know how to do this Stitch"!!! What do I do??

Have you ever purchased a pattern, 
or downloaded a free pattern 
because it was so beautiful, 
and you just had to make it.

You gather your yarn, hooks and supplies, 
and get started.
You are loving the pattern, 
it is working wonderfully.....
A Stitch technique you have 
never heard of is next.

You check the section for the list of stitches, 
and it is not there.
Then you look for a "Special Stitches" section, 
it is not there either.
Frustration is setting in........
What do you do?

I asked this question on my Facebook page,
"You are working on a pattern,

 and come to stitch you don't know....

What would you do?"
1. Google to find the stitch
2. Ask The Designer
3. Ask a Friend
I was very amazed at the answers.
Most people would search Google, 
before contacting the designer.

That is very smart.
There are blogs, videos and helps 
for every stitch I can think of.
Some times, it is a technique, 
rather then an actual stitch.
If you are unable to locate
 the the help,

 Always feel free to ask
 the designer for help.

We are all at different levels,
 in Our Crochet.
What may seem easy to one,
 is not easy to another.

Crochet is a wonderful Art 
and is always changing.
So Keep growing in your craft
and don't let it frustrate you.

I Love Crochet, and yarn, 
and love that I
get to do what I love.
Don't Forget to check out all my
 Free patterns, 
in the tab at the top of the Blog.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Coaster Crochet Pattern

Pumpkin Coaster Crochet Pattern 
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

This little pumpkin Coaster is the cutest thing ever!

We Just retested this Crochet Pattern, 
and  adding new pictures,
 And A Brand New Video 

  See this Video on my Youtube Crochet Channel at this LINK

Last month I released a Cute little
 Snowman Coaster Crochet Pattern.

These are fun and quick to make,
And are a great party favor!

And I Got the idea, that it would be fun
 to do one each month.

So For October we have :
The Pumpkin Coaster
 It is the same style, as the snowman coaster, 
 with the edge to keep your mug from
 Slipping off the coaster.

Make this Little pumpkin without the arms and legs, 
with out a face, or add them all.
 Lots of fun options and styles.

Happy Pumpkin Coaster Crochet Pattern
Please, add this Crochet Pattern to your Ravelry Favorites 

By Sara Sach

Skill: Easy

Materials -
Hook - H / 5.00 MM
Yarn - Med (4) Cotton, Cotton Blend or Acrylic)
           small amount of Orange, Green and Black
Yarn Needle       

Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Back loop only  (blo)
Front loop only ( flo)

Size- 3.5 inches

Ch3 Counts as a dc

Rounds are join to the ch3 with a slst


R: 1 - Ch 4, 9 dc in the 4th ch from the hook, join, ch3

R : 2 - 1 dc in the same st as ch3, 2 dc in each st around, join, ch 3

R : 3 - 1 dc in the same st as ch3, *1dc in next st, 2 dc in the next st*
Repeat From * to * around, join, ch 3 (30dc)

R : 4 - FLO, 1 hdc in each st around join, ch2 (30hdc)

This makes a nice edge for the Mug to stay in place on the coaster.

If you do not want the edge, skip this row.

R : 5 - Working blo of R : 3,  *sl st in the next 5 sts, 
slt, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 2, slst in the next st,*
Repeat From * to * 3 more times, then sl st in the last 6 sts, join,
 tie off and weave in your ends.

If you do not want the feet and arms skip this Row.

R : 6 - Leaf - Join the green yarn to the 5th sl st, 1 sc in the next 4 sl sts,
ch 1, turn (4sc)

R : 7 - sc tog the 1st 2 sc, 
 sc tog the last 2 sts, ch1 turn (2sc)

R : 8 - 1 sc in each sc, ch 1 turn (2 sc)

R : 9 - 1 sc in each sc, place 4 slst down the side of the stem,   (2 sc, 4 slsts)

R: 10 - Vine Curl - Ch 7, 3 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook,
 3 sc in the next 5 chs, attach to the base of the stem.
tie off and weave in the ends.

The face of the pumpkin is embroidered on with black yarn. 
But I think it would be fun with out the face, also.

I think it would be fun to use these for your Halloween party,
 as place savers, at the table.

An Ad Free PDF file is available 
For $2.50 In my Ravelry Shop at This Link.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Think Snow!!! Tuesday Treasury of Snowman Crochet Patterns

I have put together a fun selection of 
10 Snowman
Crochet Patterns.
Several different styles, 
all are Easy and fun to make.

You will find the list and the designer 
below the picture.
Just click  on the name of the pattern,
 and it will take you to the pattern.

 Jocelyn Sass

Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations

Snappy Tots

Posh Pooch Designs

Posh Pooch Designs

Repeat Crafter

Red Heart

Carolina Guzman

By Lily and Cream


If you will notice,
 i id not do anything from Frozen The Movie 
or anything that resembles Olaf.
Do not get me wrong, I Love the movie.
I just wasn't going that direction.
But there is Lots and Lots of crochet patterns
 on Ravelry with those themes.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Blanket Stitch Photo Tutorial For Towel Trims

I get this question all the time.
"How do I add a crochet trim
 to a bath towel or dish towel?"

I have made these many times for gifts and
for myself to spruce up a bathroom
 or guestroom.
It is a great way to at a little trim to
 baby cloths or blankets too.

I use  the Blanket Stitch, and it works great!
And here is how I do it.

I have made a video to show you how I 
add a crochet trim using the Blanket Stitch.

You can this Video on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

It is a good idea to pre-wash the towels you will be using, 
as most towels are cotton, and there well be some shrinkage.

Please, Add This Crochet Technique to your
Ravelry Favorites.

What you need:
 Freshly washed towel
Metric Tape measure or ruler
Yarn needle
Worsted Weight yarn ( 4) 
I used Red Heart Super saver
You can use cotton yarn, too
I just prefer to use the worsted weight.

I really like this ruler I got from Micheal's.
It is the perfect size.
We will be using the centimeter, for measuring.

Thread your need with an 18 inch piece of yarn.
Tie a small knot in the end of the yarn.
Slip the needle in the folded end of the
 towel with the right side facing you.

Sew a 1 centimeter stitch  across the top, to start.

 Push the needle through the end of the towel,
 at the next centimeter, loop the yarn under the needle,
 to form a loop, then pull gently.

Continue to use your ruler to measure,
 and sew a stitch each  centimeter.
Do not pull your loops too tight.
The loops made by this stitch row will be 
where we place out crochet stitches.

I folded the towel up so you can see the stitches across.
Cut your thread and weave in your end.

I laid a piece of white paper under the edge so
 you can see, where to crochet your stitches.

To Begin your crochet row,
push Your hook through the first loop on the right end,
and pull up a loop, ch 1

Then stitch 1 single crochet in each of the loops across.
This will form a foundation row.
The number of sc stitches will be different for each towel.

next, I did a row Triple crochet V stitches.

Ch3, *skip the next 2 stitches, Tr, Ch1, Tr in the next st*
Repeat From * to * across row, Tr in the last st.

Then I did a row of dc Shells across.

But you can do what ever type of trim you like.

You can Blanket st across, 
or around any towel, 
wash cloth or blanket and 
add a beautiful Crochet Trim.

You can even use this method 
on blouses,  collars, or Skirt hems!