Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mandala Crochet Pattern Collection | Posh Pooch Designs

After learning of a Dear Crochet Designers passing.
I decided to do a Mandala Collection today.
I did not have the joy of knowing her personally,
 but know her art.
You can read her Blog Here:
She left a wonderful legacy of beautiful colorful designs.
One of the designs she loved was Mandalas.
I decided to do a Mandala Collection today, 
to honor her love of Crochet and Mandalas.
Some of them are her designs and 
some are other dear Crochet Designers.

Did you know that 
Mandala means "Circle"

The name of the Mandala is listed, with the designer.
Just click the name is will take you to the free pattern.

Maz Kwok

A Creative Being

Attic 24


Crochet Kim

Posh Pooch Designs

By e Lee

A Creative Being

Have fun making these Mandalas and 
Remember, to be kind, Because.
Everyone is fighting battles we many not know about.

Ephesians 4:32 "Be Ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another..."

Monday, June 29, 2015

Scarf Of Many Colors Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

Isn't This Fun,
 All these colors in a light and airy scarf.
Scarf of many Colors
Is the perfect scarf for 
cool evening outings.
Or double Drape the scarf for cold days.
And With all these colors, 
will go with just about any outfit.
This Scarf is made from Bon bons!

I used the Acrylic, because I had them on hand, 
But the cotton or metallic would be great also.

Scarf of Many Colors Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach
Please add this to your Ravelry Favorites

Skill : Easy to Moderate
          I think this pattern is super easy,
 but I put the skill  level at moderate because of the Bobble sts.

Crochet Hook – I
Yarn – Sock Weight yarn (3)
             I used 2 packages of Bonbons By Lion Brand
            Acrylic: Weight Category 3: DK Weight 
             8 x .35oz/10g 8 x 28yd/26m 
Needle for weaving in ends.

Stitches :
Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Bobble Stitch (Bob St)
Yarn Over (yo)
Skip (sk)

Size : 44 X 11 inches
To make the pattern wider ch a multiple of 10 +3

Bobble Stitch - yo, pick up a loop, though space indicated, 4 times, yo,
Pull through all 9 loops on hook, ch1

I used the Acrylic, but this pattern will work for cotton or metallic Bonbon yarns,
and any sock weight/dk weight yarns.

I randomly chose each color, when one color would run out,
 I joined the next color with a simple knot.


R :1 - Ch 43, 1dc in the 4th ch from the hook, 1dc in the next 3 chs, 
*sk next 2 chs, 1dc in next 4 chs, ch2, 1dc in next 4 chs*
Repeat From * to * across row 2 more times,
Sk next 2 chs, 2dc in the next dc, 1 dc in the last sc, turn.

R : 2 – Ch3, counts as 1st dc, skip the 1st dc, 
2 dc in the next dc, 1dc in next 2 dc,
*sk next 2dc. 1dc in each of the next 3 dc, 
“Bob st, ch2, Bob st” in the next ch2 space,
1dc in next 3 dc* 
Repeat From * to * 2 more times, sk 2 dc,
 1dc in next 2dc, 2dc in next dc,
1dc in top of ch3, turn.

(3 groups of 2bobble st, ch2, 2Bobble St) 

R : 3 – R : 72  - Repeat R : 2

I randomly chose each color, when one color would run out,
 I joined the next color with a simple knot.

Tie off after R : 72, weave in all your ends.

For a longer Scarf Continue to repeat R : 2 until desired length.

Infinity Scarf: For an infinity scarf, place the ends of the scarf
 Together and loosely sew together.

Rainbow I took a pic from my deck during a Spring Storm 2015

Biblical Symbol of the Rainbow - 
Is a promise From God.
And He always keeps His promises.

Genesis 9:12-15
And God said: “This is the sign of the covenant which I make 
between Me and you, and every living creature that is with you, 
for perpetual generations: 
13 I set My rainbow in the cloud, and 
it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. 
14 It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow
 shall be seen in the cloud; 
15 and I will remember My covenant which
 is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh;
 the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.
A Couple more pics of Rainbows I took.
 Rainbow in Ominous clouds
Spring Rainbow 2015
The beauty of the rainbow is 
so very hard to photograph, 
and none of my pics do it justice.
I Love Rainbows because
 of what they mean to me.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Two New Chihuahuas From Parker Country Market | Posh Pooch Designs

Ha! Ha!
 That's Maximo and Rosie Bell,

I have that big Square Rock
 in my front yarn and I love it.
I thought it looked empty and 
so I went in search of a Statue.

Meet Maximo Jr. and Rosie The 2nd.
These Chihuahuas weight about 15 lbs each.
They are made from cast iron.
and will last forever!
They were't too sure about them at first,
 but soon got used to them.
(Maximo just "marked" the one sitting down.)

I Found these at 
This is an amazing place.
 They were are having a big sale.
They had a live band playing music, 
and Spinning the wheel for coupons.

Oh, here is the Facebook page.
Go like it.

They have Antiques, and hand made items.
Booths and Booths of one of kind items.
And Tons of lawn ornaments. 
Bears, lizards and Chihuahuas!

The people working there
 were friendly and nice and even "chatty".
 I love chatty people.
They even gave me a can of paint, 
incase my Chihuahuas got scratched on the way home.

 Statues - huge and small
Anything you can think of.
Oh and Trees, live Trees.
This is out side.
Inside is just as fun and Amazing!
I am definitely Going back, again and again.
I just looked at the Christmas pictures
 on their Facebook page  -
Now I can not wait for Christmas.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Heart Shaped Dog Rug Free Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

I have decided, after much 
thought and consideration
 to Not do A Crochet A Long in July, 
But Rather Go ahead and put the Pattern
 out there so you all could make it,
 at your leisure.
I have a bunch of Fun Things planned for  
The Christmas In July Event.

This Crochet Pattern is now available
in a PDF file for $1.50 
in my Craftsy Shop

It is super easy and a great way to use of those left over yarns.

Heart Shaped Dog Rug/ Pet Mat By Sara Sach

Please, add this pattern to Your Ravelry Favorites.

Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook: N-9.0mm
Yarn: 20-30 oz of Worsted Weight yarn, the amount is am estimate,
           as I do not know for sure how much yarn I used,
           as I used up a lot of my let over yarns
Yarn Needle

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Skip (sk)

Size: Approximately 42 X 24 inches

You will be crocheting with 3 strands of yarn at all times.
To make it easier to crochet, I rolled mine in balls,
attaching the yarn  as it ran out.
I ended up with some pretty fun color combinations.

How to crochet With more then 1 strand of yarn

Ch3 at beginning of rounds count as the 1st dc.

3 Squares - We will be making 1 regular and 2 with rounded corners.

Step 1 - 1 Regular Square for center of Heart Mat –
With 3 strands of yarn, Ch 5, join in a circle

R : 1 - Ch 3, 2 dc in chain loop, *ch 2, 3 dc* 3 times,
 join to 1st ch 3 with a sl st. (4 clusters)

R : 2- Turn, (only turn on this row)
 Sl st in the 1st corner, ch3, 2 dc, ch2, 3 dc,
*1dc in each dc across,3dc, ch2, 3dc in the next corner
* Repeat from * to * 2 more times,
Dc in each dc across, join to 1st ch3 with a sl st.
 (3 dc on each side, 4 corners)

R : 3 - Sl st to the 1st corner, ch3, 2 dc, ch2, 3 dc,
 *sk the next 2dc, 1dc in next 5dc across, sk next 2 dc,
3dc, ch2, 3dc in the next corner*
Repeat from * to * 2 more times,
sk the next 2dc, 1dc in next 5dc across, sk next 2 dc,
join to 1st ch3 with a sl st.

(5 dc on each side, 4 corners)
After R : 3 -- I made the sample in a solid so you could see it better.

Here is a picture to help you understand.
We will be skipping 2 dc after the corner,
and before the next corner.
This will help the Rug not be bunchy.
I made the sample in a solid so you could see it better.

R : 4 – Repeat R : 3 (7dc, 4 corners)
R : 5 – Repeat R : 3 (9dc, 4 corners)
R : 6 - Repeat R : 3 (11dc, 4 corners)
R : 7 - Repeat R : 3 (13dc, 4 corners)
R : 8 - Repeat R : 3 (15dc, 4 corners) tie off and weave in your ends.

Step 2 - 2 Rounded Squares – For Heart Bumps
Repeat R : 1- R : 7
R : 8 - Sl st to the 1st corner, ch3, 2 dc, ch2, 3 dc,
 *sk the next 2dc, 1dc in next 15dc across, sk next 2 dc,
3dc, ch2, 3dc in the next corner,

*sk the next 2dc, 1dc in next 15dc across, sk next 2 dc*,
4 dc in the next corner*
Repeat From * to *
sk the next 2dc, 1dc in next 15dc across, sk next 2 dc,
Join to 1st ch3 with a sl st. tie off weave in your ends.

Step 3 – Sewing the Squares Together –

Sew the Pieces together with sc sts.
Place them back sides together and sc through both edges,
 1 sc in each dc across. Make sure the heart bumps / rounded corners
are in the right places. See pic above.

Step 4 - Trim:
R “ 1 - Attach yarn, using  3 strands, join to  the point of the heart,
3sc, then evenly sc around the heart, till you reach the center of the heart,
sc tog the 3 center “sts” for  a nice curved center,
 continue to sc to the point, join,
( St counts are not important here- Just make sure it is even)

If you find your heart bumps are curling, you can always 
add a increase or 2 to round them out.
 If you crochet tightly you will have more curling.

R : 2- I changed to Solid Color here – ch1, 3 sc in the point, I sc in each sc,
When you reach the Heart center, make 3 “3sc tog” with the 9 center scs.
Sc to the point, join, 

R : 3 – Repeat R : 2

R : 4 – Repeat R : 3, join and tie off.

Be sure to Block your rug for crisp clean finish.
I really Love all the colors and the patterns they make.
Remember, I would love To see your 
pics of your finished rugs,
 and you can post them to
 my Facebook page at

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chocolate Ice Cream and Christmas Projects | Posh Pooch Designs

I am in the process of 
designing some fun Projects
For The Christmas in July Event.
I had this incredible craving 
for Chocolate ice cream... 
And just could not concentrate.
But I can not have Sugar!

So I went online and 
found a recipe.
I tweaked it some.
 Most of the ones I found 
were for a huge size.
If you make a huge amount, 
you can freeze the extra.

A Tip on using bananas for ice cream- 
When they start to go mushy, 
peel them, break them in half.
Put them in zip lock bags and freeze them.
Then they are ready for ice cream.

Ok, So this is What I did.

Sara's Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream
1/2 Frozen banana
or 1/2 banana and 1/2 C ice
1/2 C Almond milk
1 T of Cocoa
1 Splenda

Put it all in my blender and mix on high.

If you have a Vitamix, like me.
 It takes like 2 seconds!
a Regular Blender works great too.

I have added pineapple, strawberries, 
blueberries and peaches.
I add them after the ice cream is ready.
Drop a handful in and just "twirl" it 
a couple times to mix.
You can add any fruit, fresh or frozen.

I decided I wanted a milk shake, 
so I added a 
Tablespoon more of the Almond milk.

Oh, You wanted a sneak peek of the 
Christmas in July Event Projects?
I am very excited about the New Patterns 
and fun I am planning!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Enchanted Evening Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern, Yarn and Product Review | Posh Pooch Designs

I wish you all could feel how soft and squishy this yarn is.
This one of Red Heart's new Yarns.
I was so excited that I got to try it out!

It is a bulky (5), but does not feel heavy at all.
It is so lovely to work with. 
It glides nicely across my crochet hook, 
and really keeps the shape without being too chunky.
 This gives it an elegant feel and look. 
Plus it has a glimmer of metallic thread running
 through it for just a touch of glitz, without being gaudy.
The yarn has a subtle striping effect that I find very charming.

Enchanted Evening Cowl Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach
Please add this to your Ravelry Favorites

Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook –J
Yarn – 3.5 oz Bulky (5)
            I used Red Heart Boutique Infinity
Yarn Needle

Chain (ch)
Foundation Double Crochet (FDC)
Double Crochet (dc)
Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Skip (sk)
Back Loops only (BLO)

Size: 4.5 X 36 inches

R : 1 – 88 Fdc, join in a circle, ch 2(counts as 1st hdc)

****Optional Start – Ch 88, join in a circle, ch 3 (counts as 1st dc)
 I dc in each ch around, join ch 3(counts as 1st hdc)

(88dc - the Number of sts will be the same throughout the project)

R : 2 – *FPDC in the next dc, hdc in the next dc*
Repeat From * to * around, join, ch 2

R : 3-4 – Repeat R : 2

R : 5 – Working in the BLO, 1 dc in each st around, Join ch 3

R : 6 – *sk the next dc, 1 dc in the next 2 dc, cross back and dc in the sk dc*
Repeat From * to * around, join, ch 3

R : 6 – 1 dc in each st around, join, ch 3

R : 7- Working in the BLO, 1 dc in each st around, Join ch 3

R : 8 -*FPDC in the next dc, hdc in the next dc*
Repeat From * to * around, join, ch 2

R : 9-10 – Repeat R : 8, Tie odd after R : 10, weave in you ends.

Big Bow:

R : 1 - Ch29, 1 dc in the 4th ch from the hook, and in each ch across,
Turn, ch 3 (26dc)
R : 2 – 1 dc in each dc, turn, ch 3
R : 3-5 – Repeat R : 2, tie off after R : 5.
With a 20 inch piece of yarn, inch together the bow,
Wind the yarn around the center to form a bow, and tie securely.
Sew bow on Cowl with matching yarn.

I Just had to try on the cowl to see
 if it was comfortable to wear.
And it is. The yarn is soft around my neck.
not Scratchy or itchy at all.
I need to make some matching accessories.
The other item Red Heart sent me 
to try out was this awesome Stitch counter.
It is a ring!
How cool is that!
It is adjustable to any size finger.
I preferred it on my middle finger.
And Since I knit too, it is the perfect
 way to keep trackof my stitches.
A Great addition to my 
Crochet and Knitting tool bag.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Fun Crochet Pattern Round Up | Posh Pooch Designs

Summer is Here! YAY!!
Are you ready?
Here are a few Crochet Patterns to help you get ready.
Some patterns you and your pooches.

Whether you are going on a beach 
 "Vacation" or having a "Staycation" 
and having fun in your yard, 
these are some fun crochet
 patterns you will need for summer.

Just click the name, it is the link,
It will take you to the listing.
All Crochet Patterns and Photography 
belong to Sara Sach of

Looking for more of my Designs?
cheek out my

Do You have an extra beach towel?
You can whip up this Beach towel 
Swim suit cover up,
 super fast.