Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Attempt at a Doggie Pouch Falls Short !!! Second attempt-A perfect fit!

I have seen a lot of the new crochet baby pouches and I love them. So I decided, since my chihuahuas are my babies and they love to snuggle under make them some pouches. 

I picked out  a crochet pattern for a baby pouch, thinking I would modify it for my furbabies. I mean how hard can it be?????   right?  I added on to the sides to make it wide enough for them to curl up inside, then I  added on a few rows at the bottom, so they can hide in there.  They love that. Well, As you can see, in the pic...It came up short.  Maximo doesn't seem to mind.
 He loves the crochet blankets the best. He loves to curl up on top. He walks in a circle, about 10 times, till he has it just right and then plops down, and quickly falls a sleep.

Well, here is the finished product.  It looks like a great Big hat!  It's okay, you can giggle, I did!
 The colors are not my favorite, I was using what I had on hand for a test. I am going try out some other color combinations also. Do you have any colors you would like to see? Anyway, If it works good...I'll post the modified pattern, for others to try.

Lime green and Lemon Yellow Doggie Snuggle pouch

Second Attempt - A Perfect fit!

I added some width to the pattern, as well as, added 10 more rows to the length.  It is 22 inches long and 30 inches around. Maximo thinks it is a perfect fit for him. He is a total snuggle bunny!

Rosie wasn't so sure at first. She is always a little scared of new things. But she, like Maximo, loves to snuggle in blankets so I knew it wouldn't be long and she would also love it.

Yep, She loves it too! I knew she would.
The yarn I used is a soft baby yarn, and it it completely machine washable....YAY!

The yarn color choices are endless..I am thinking a black and white pattern with hot pink or Lime green trim, or maybe red trim, Or pink and white with black trim, ..... and there is always camo and orange......and........Like I said endless!
If you would like one for your pooch. Just email me at I don't have them listed yet.


~Niki~ said...

those are darling! great job.

Posh Pooch Designs said...

Thank-you very much!