Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walking The Dogs!

  Parker is a very Dog Friendly Town.
 I love walking the dogs here.
The Walking paths in my neighborhood are awesome.
But the View is magnificent!

Heading out from our neighborhood.

first stop- smelling the green shrubs. ( wo-hoo)

All the Pathways have lots of trees,
so there equal amounts of shade and sun.

I am very impressed with finding a
Doggie Clean-up Station,
 right along the walk way.
It is one of my "pet" peeves..
people who don't clean up after their pooches.

Yep, their are several of these.

Back to the pretty scenery!

More Lovely walking paths.

I also love that there are bikes lanes, everywhere.
I am so getting a bike..with a Doggie basket!

Thanks for walking with us!

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