Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Recycled Into Yarn" Blog

Posh Pooch Designs
 has been included
 in a really Cool Blog called
"Recycled into Yarn".
(click the link above)

My Blog on How to make Tarn from T Shirts
is featured.

"Did you know that .......
you can make a coaster from a t-shirt?
you can make a basket from plastic grocery bags?
you can make a scrubby from a pair of pantyhose?
you can make a rug from an old bed sheet?
you can make an attractive handbag from vhs tape?"

"How is it possible? Because a t-shirt, a plastic bag, a pair of pantyhose, an old bed sheet, a pair of blue jeans and vhs tape all can be recycled into yarn.

Recycled Into Yarn

introduces you to talented recycled Designers that offer tutorials on how to make various types of recycled yarn and easy to follow crochet and knit patterns that you can make yourself.

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