Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Make Dog Shirts From Tom's Shoe Bags

I Love Tom's Shoes.
I have several pairs.
In each pair comes a Tom's Shoe Bag.
I have all these bags and thought, what can make from these.
Dog shirts .. What Else?  LOL!

What you need:
1 Tom's Shoe Bag
Yarn Needle
Crochet Hook : H
about 3-4 oz. Worsted Weight yarn
2  - 1/2 in buttons or larger

This is more of an idea, rather then a pattern.
So here is what I did:

First, I measured down the dog's back for length,
adding a 1/2 inch, and cut the top of the Toms Bag.

I folded it down about a 1/2 inch, ironed it flat
 and did a blanket st across the top.

I then stitched a  row of hdcs across, then another row of hdc.

 For the neckband :
I then chained 12 
( you will want to measure your dog's neck and add as many chs as needed) 
attach ch to the opposite side of the shirt top and join with a sl st.
Stitch 2 rows of hdc around.
Maximo's Shirt- I did a row of picot around neck
Rosie's Shirt - 1 row of shells around neck.

Belly band :
Measure down how far the band needs to be to fit your dog,
and center ten blanket stitches.
St 1 hdc in each st across, ch1, turn
for as many rows as you need it to fit your dogs belly.

To make Button holes:
sc in the 1st st, skip next st, (*2 dc, ch1, 2 dc) in the next st,
skip the next st, repeat (*) skip the next st, 1 sc in the last st, tie off

Rosie's Ruffle :
For Rosie's Ruffle, sew a row of Blanket stitches across the bottom of the bag,
and then st a row of hdc across, turn and ch 3
The next row st 2 dc in each hdc across, turn, ch 3
2 dc in each dc on the next row, turn, ch 3
The next row, 1 dc in each dc, tie off.

I also added a simple 8 petal flower with a button.

I Love Them.
What do you think??


Crystal said...

I am definitely going to try this!

dogs with clothes said...

so cute :3

Anonymous said...

we don't have a Toms store around here, can you give me the deminsions of the opened bag please? and if you would please send it here
sfl at krestiekrew dot com

thanks bunches

Posh Pooch Designs said...

Toms Shoes, Do have a webpage you can order them there, also.

The demensions of the Shoes bags I have, is 12 inches long by 8 inches wide.

Thanks, Sara

donnasquaw said...

I love your blog site!!! I'm going to try to make alot of your stuff. My poor dog she won't know what to think! Keep making your awesome stuff. I don't have a Tom's bag, but I would like to make this shirt. What else could I use for this? Thanks Donna