Monday, September 17, 2012

Yarn Bomb -- Big Spool!

UPS left this on my Doorstep...
I was so excited, I thought it was a big spool of yarn!
Well, when my hubby was done with his project,
he gave me the empty spool.
I decided to Yarn Bomb it!

 I covered the center with Home Town USA yarn,
wrapping it around, and around, and around......

And around, till the center was covered.

Then I crocheted a circle top,
using different scraps of yarn.
By doing decrease stitches on the last 2 rows,
 it naturally fit over the edge.
Lastly, I made a circle on the top of the bottom,
and sewed it in place.
I was going to use this as a nifty side table
 in my craft room,
But I think Maximo and Rosie Bell
Have other ideas.

I Love How the Spool
turned out....
What do You think?


Hatch-ed With Love said...

That is such a neat idea..

Lori said...

Very clever! It turned out great!

niccupp said...

The dogs love it. I think it turned out beautiful :)

Michelle said...

Very pretty and recycled too!