Monday, April 15, 2013

Dewey The Chihuahua

This morning, I received an Email From a Sweet lady 
who had purchased many of my patterns.

here is that email: 


"Dear Sara, 
            ...I have a couple pictures of my little guy to share with you. He was amazing and much loved. He touched so many people and inspired them to always look for possibilities. He was well known for his many hats and sweaters - many of them from your designs, which I credited to you. (In fact, I am making another football hat right now for a friend's dog.)
I only had him for about 15 months, but I will treasure every minute of that time. I also have another pooch now - a little girl rescue - a chihuahua fox terrier named Penny. She is being clicker trained now and will ultimately (hopefully) become a geriatric therapy dog. She is a joy.
THANK YOU for your fun and wonderful patterns. They have brought so many happy hours of therapeutic crochet to me and many countless hours of joy to my residents, who just loved seeing what Dewey would be wearing next.
Thanks again.
Mary Bastian "

here is an article about Dewey as well.
This just made my day!!!!

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Ghost said...

it is wonderful to read something like this. thanks for starting my day right.