Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tinsel Crochet Tree Skirt

My Sister is doing a retro silver tree, 
with color wheel, 
and asked me to make a tree skirt .
She picked out a Pattern:
From Redheart at this LINK
She picked out some Tinsel Yarn.
red, Green, Silver and 
White Eyelash yarn.
This is how it came out.
To make the Skirt you will need:
3 skeins of green, 3 skeins of red,
 and 3 skeins of  Silver eyelas tinsel yarn.
 2 skeins of White eyelash.
2 skeins of red, and green ww yarn, 
3 skeins of white ww yarns to work 
with the eyelash yarns to help 
the skirt hold it's shape.
You will work the pattern 
holding 1 strand of eyelash yarn 
and 1 strand of ww yarn.

Here is her silver tree 
with the skirt 
and color wheel.

Here is another pic. 
See how the Wheel 
changes the colors.

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