Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Decor at Cottontail Lane

Well, we are at the new house and
 I decided to take a break 
and hang up the Christmas Wreath
that I made,
 or should I say, put together,
 2  Christmas' ago. 

It was a fun memory.
It was our first Christmas 
here in Colorado, 
My Daughter in law, her Friend and
 I went to Hobby Lobby 
and picked out fun things
 to decorate our wreaths with.

Then we went over to my house, 
pulled out the glue guns
 and got Started.

Here is how mine looked.
Bright colors, Chihuahuas and 
little "yarn balls" on the ribbon.
I Loved it!
Well, sadly to say it did not 
survive the move to Cottontail.
One of my porcelain Chihuahuas broke.

So I headed to Hobby Lobby 
to find one to replace it but,
Couldn't find another one.
I decided to get this cute set of "knit" mittens,
in bright colors to add to the wreath. 
I think it looks great.
Come on in our new Home.
The wreath on the Door, I also made,
But in more traditional colors.
Puppy Stockings are hung, 
Wreath's are hung, 
and the poinsettias are out.

 Is that Nacho,
Christmas Chihuahua Elf?
Wonder what mischief
he will get into?

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