Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shamrock Crochet Patterns

This Is A List Of Fun Free Crochet Patterns.
5 Crochet Patterns for Shamrocks.
Click the name of the Pattern 
and it will take you to the 
free crochet pattern. 

I chose these 5 because 
they are unique, and
I want to make them all.
The pictures are not mine, 
they are the designers pictures.

1.  From Crochet Spot -Shamrock Shallettte

2. From Suzie's Stuff - Shamrock Garland

3. From Everlaughter - Shamrock Applique 

4. Pricilla Hewitt - Shamrock Pot Holder

5. From Nancy Hearne - The Hearne Shamrock

I love these 
and can hardly wait to 
make them all.

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