Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Live Video Chat How To "Measure As You Go" When Crocheting | Posh Pooch Designs

This Weeks Live Video Chat With 
Sara Sach of
We will be discussing what
 "Measure as You Go"
 means, when Crocheting.
Have you every finished a project,
A Hat, Scarf or Blanket and
 the size was nothing like the pattern said?
And You even made a Gauge Swatch!

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Although Gauge is very important,
 we are not talking about gauge. 
Today, we are talking about measuring as you go.
Because even if you made a swatch, that does not
 mean you are crocheting at the same gauge,
 as you did your gauge swatch.
 See a Video on the importance of Gauge
 at this LINK

How Do We "Measure As We Go"?

1. Measure the thing or person who is going to use 
what you are making?
I always keep my Tape measure and Short Ruler next to me.
I measure everything.

2. Measure what you are making often.
Do not just rely on what you think, or what the Pattern 
says it will be sized.

3. Do not finish your item, and then measure and
 get mad at the Designer of the Pattern.
Even if you used the same hook and yarn, 
you may not match the tension of the Pattern Designer.
Even When you purchase pre-made items in the store, 
not every item in that size, color and style
 will be exactly the same.

4. REMEMBER, Everyone Crochets differently, 
and with different tensions.
Even your emotions can determine how
 loose or tight you crochet.
I even Crochet tighter when I am watching 
an intense movie!
Your tape measure is one of the most important 
tools in your crochet bag.

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