Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Live Video - How To Read a yarn Label - Part 3 - The Rest of the Symbols.

Live Video With Sara Of
Today's Discussion: How To Read a Yarn Label
"The Rest of The Symbols"
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What are those Symbols and What do they mean?

The Way the yarn or garment is cared for has to do with the Fiber Content of the yarn. Wool can not be cared for the same as Cotton, or Acrylic.
So the first thing to look for on the yarn label is The Fiber content - This one is 100% Acrylic.

They are Care Instructions - For the yarn and as well as,
 items made from the yarn.

1.  Washing - How and at what water temperature it can be washed,
 or if you should hand wash, spot wash, or not at all.

2. Drying - How to Dry - Machine Dry low or medium heat, or
 hang to dry,

4. Ironing - If and How to Iron - Low, Medium or high, Don't use steam or not at all.

5. Bleaching - Is Bleaching okay - yes, spot bleach or no, never.

6. Dry Cleaning - Should it be dry cleaned.

Red Heart Yarn uses the Garment Standards for
 Laundry Care and so do most other yarn companies.

Here is a link to the garment standards of textile symbols : LINK


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