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Finger Knit Unicorn Scarf \ Posh Pooch Designs

Finger Knit Unicorn Scarf 
By Sara Sach of

My 5 year old grand daughter asked me to teach her to
 knit a scarf. We picked out this amazing yarn, 
which she called Unicorn Yarn.
It's From Hobby Lobby and it is amazingly soft.
It's listed as a (4), but feels more like a (5)
I decided to teach her to finger knit.
 It's a great protect for little and big kids,
 who want to learn knit.

You really don't need much supplies.
Just some yarn of your choice and your fingers.
I do think chunky yarn works best for little finger.

We practiced a little bit, then she said,
"Oma, can you just make me a video?"
(She calls me Oma, it's German for grandma)
And I said, "Yes of Course"!

See The Video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

Here are a few pictures of what we did.
 Casting on - Step 1-  hold the yarn across your hand with
 the tail of yarn to the left, use your thumb 
to hold the yarn in place.

 Wrap the yarn across your pointer finger, 
behind your middle finger,
 in front of your ring finger, 
and behind your pinky.

Now, coming back across,
wrap the yarn in front of your pinky, 
behind your ring finger, 
in front of your middle finger, 
then behind your pointer.

 Step 2 - Repeat Step 1 
Wrapping the yarn around your fingers.
2 loops of yarn on each finger.

 Step 3 - While holding the yarn with your thumb, 
starting with your pinky, 
pull the bottom loop over your finger, 
leaving only the 2nd loop on your finger.
Repeat this across on each finger.

Repeat Step 2 and 3 until the scarf has reached
 the desired length.

You will see the Scarf get longer and longer on the
 back of your hand.

Once the scarf is as long as you want it.
Cut the yarn leaving about a 10 inch tail of yarn.

Binding off: Step 4 -put the loop of yarn from your pinky onto your ring finger,
pull the bottom loop over your finger, 
1 loop remains on your ring finger.

Put that loop on your middle finger, 
pull the bottom loop over your finger,
 only one loop remains on your middle finger.

Put that loop on your pointer finger, 
pull the bottom loop over your finger, 
only one loop remains on your pointer finger.
Put the tail of yarn through the last loop
 and pull gently to tie of off.

You can place a knot, 
and tie a bow if you prefer a Cowl.

Now Wasn't That fun!

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