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WOPET Pet Feeder Product Review | Posh Pooch Designs

WOPET Pet Feeder Product Review 
By Sara Sach of  Posh Pooch Designs

When I was Contacted To do a Product Review
 For the WOPET Pet Feeder I was so excited to
 give it a try with my Chihuahuas.
WOPET Pet Feeder Product Review -
Spoiler alert my Chihuahuas loved it!

Watch the Youtube Video at This LINK

Before I tell how my Dog's Liked it, 
Let's Talk about the Feeder
It is absolutely adorable!
It is about 16 inches tall and about 11 inches across.
A nice size, and does not take up too much room.
Be sure you have an electric outlet close by, 
although it does have a pretty long cord.
It measured at about 6 feet long.

The head of the feeder twists open and you 
pour the dry food inside. And easily twists back on.

You can Chose up to 4 different feeding times.
You can also chose up to 4 different feeding amounts.
You can also just push the manual button, for feeding
 when you are home.
That is perfect for the busy person, so your 
pet never misses a meal.
Also, one of my Favorite features, is that you can record
 a message for your pet, and it pays 3 times when
 it's  feeding time.

The Feeder is really easy to set up, so you don't have to
 be "Super Techy" to figure it out.
 And it comes with an easy to follow Manual.

Get one for yourselve or for your pets 
At This Amazon link:

Okay, Do my Chihuahuas like it?

I Recorded The Message
 " Max And Rosie It's Time For Lunch."
Max Came over first.

 Rosie Came over next
 The messages played 3 times.
I love that.

Rosie pushed Max away,
 And would not let him have any more Food.

Don;t worry,
 After Rosie finished, I pushed the manual 
button, and Max Got some Food.

Hum, I may need to get another one, 
so Then each can have there own Feeder.
I decided to let My daughter's Cat have 
try at the new Feeder. And Guess What?
 She loves it too. 

So, The Bottom line is,
 It's cute and useful.

I will be showing and talking about the 
WOPET Pet Feeder 
on my Youtube Channel on my 
Live Video At This Link

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