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January Stitch of The Month - Waffle Stitch | Posh Pooch Designs

 January Stitch of The Month - Waffle Stitch
 By Sara Sach Posh Pooch Designs

What Is The Stitch of The Month Crochet A Long 2021?
Each month we will be learning a New Crochet Stitch Pattern, and a Crochet Project to practice what we learned.

The first stitch for our 2021 Crochet A Long -
Stitch of The Month we are learning how to crochet
  The Waffle Stitch Pattern.

The Practice Project is a lovely 
Twisted Waffle Stitch Headband.
It is easy to adjust to any size needed.

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January  - Stitch of The Month 1 – Waffle Stitch Pattern
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Skill: Intermediate

Crochet Hook – I / 5.50 MM
Yarn – Med (4) I used I Love This Yarn / Hobby Lobby, 2 oz.
Yarn Needle

Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc)
Back post Double Crochet (bpdc)
Ch 3 counts as a dc
Multiples of 3 + 4 Chs
2 Rows = 1 inch
Swatch – 4 X 4  inches
R: 1 - Ch 19 – dc in the 4th ch from the hook, and in each ch across, ch 3, turn
 (17 dc)

R: 2 – 1 dc in the next dc, *fpdc in the next dc, 1 dc in the next 2 dc*
Repeat From * to * 4 more times, turn, ch 3 (12 dc, 5 fpdc)

R: 3 – Bpdc in the next dc, *fpdc in the next 2dc, bpdc in the next dc*
Repeat From * to * 4 more times, turn, ch 3 (12 fpdc, 5 bpdc)

R: 4 - Repeat R: 2 

R: 5 - Repeat R: 3

R: 6 - Repeat R: 2

R: 7 - Repeat R: 3

R: 8 - Repeat R : 2 
Swatch Complete

Practice Project - The Waffle Stitch Headband - 24 X 4 inch headband 
R: 1 – R: 8 From Swatch

Continue to Repeat R: 7 and R: 8 – alternating Rows Through R: 48
Tie off leaving an 18 in tail of yarn.

Place the ends together, wrong side out, without twisting the headband.
Fold the ends over as shown in the picture.

Thread the tail of yarn on the needle and whip stich going through all 4 thicknesses, 
and knot securely. Flip the right side out.

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