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Cactus Coaster Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

 Cactus Coaster Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach of  Posh Pooch Designs


The Cactus Coaster is the cutest thing.
It measures 6 X 4.5 Inches.
It's a coaster, but can also be used as an applique.
You can stitch it up quickly, make a set 0f six for a gift,
 or make them for yourself.

The dark green is I Love This Cotton From Hobby 
The light green is Premier Home Cotton

I designed the Cactus Coaster with Medium (4) 
cotton yarn ad an H / 5.00 MM crochet hook.
I suggest f you are going to use them as coasters you 
use cotton or cotton blend so the coaster can 
absorb moisture.
If you Just want to protect the counter or table surface,
 than acrylic is just fine.

I think They are adorable!

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Cactus Coaster Crochet Pattern

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Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook – H / 5.0 MM
Yarn – Med (4) Cotton
           .5 Oz. of Green –
            Small Amount of Light purple, White, Bright pink
Yarn Needle
Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Change To (chgto)
Size: 6 X 4.5 Inches
Ch1 does not count as a stitch
Ch3 counts as Double Crochet

R: 1 –With Green yarn,
 Ch 12, dc in the 4th ch from the hook,
1dc in the next 7 dc, 2 dc in the last dc,
(11 dc)
Working down the opposite side of the ch,
2 dc in the 1st dc, 1 dc in the next 8 dc (11dc)
Turn, ch 3 (11+ 11 = 22 dc)

R: 2 -1 dc in the next 8 dc,
2 dc in the next 4 dc,
1 dc in the last 9 dc, turn, ch 3 (26 dc)

R: 3 – 1 dc in the next 8 dc, 2 dc in the next 2 dc,
1 dc in the next dc, 2 dc in the next 2 dc, 1 dc in the next dc,
2 dc in the next 2 dc, 1 dc in the last 9 dc, ch1 (32 dc)

R: 4 – Turn working across the bottom edge of the coaster
Evenly st 16 sc across, turn (16 sc)

R: 5 - Chgto Purple yarn, ch1, 1 sc in each sc across,
Turn, ch 1 (16 sc)

R: 6 – 1 sc in the 1st sc, 1 sc in each sc across, 2 sc in the last sc,
 Tie off, weave in your ends. (18 sc)

With pink Yarn and needle, embroider as shown in the picture.
Cactus Prickles:
With White yarn and needle, embroider  the 3 cactus prickles.

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Make A Complete Set For 
a Party or Gift!

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