Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Love Ravelry!

I Love Ravelry!
A few weeks ago my daughter and grandbabies were home visiting for the week-end. We were walking in the "Walk for the cure". As my mother is fighting Breast Cancer.

Me, Mom in the pink hat, Grandaughter Calleigh, Daughter Elisabeth
 During my daughter's visit she asked if I had heard of Ravelry. Elisabeth has a at home Business called "Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations"  (check out her button.) Well, I said no, So she showed me the web page.

OH  My Goodness! I was addicted immediately!!

So what is Ravelry?

 It is a Crochet and Knit community of wonderful people. All sharing thier projects and patterns and ideas.  If you Crochet or knit you must check it out!

Then my Daughter said, "you should put your patterns on Ravelry and see if people would like to buy them." All my designs were and are in my head. I only crochet dog and dog related items, well mostly.
All the patterns are my own designs. The hard part was going to be putting them on paper. I mean I know what I do...but didn't know how to tell  what I do.

 LOL Sounds funny, but Crochet Design is a Art to me.

Just a few of my Creations:

Beanie For Small Dogs

Posh Snuggle Pouch

Rosie's Basic Sweater for Dogs

Dog bone Rug or Mat

So I have begun to load my patterns on Ravelry!  Some are Free, Most are not. But these are one of a kind doggie sweaters, hats, snuggle bags, costumes, doggie stuff and more. 

Please, Go check out "Ravelry" you will find yourself as addicted as I am.

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