Monday, October 11, 2010

Three Day Get Away Got My Creative Juices Flowing!!!!!

My Hubby and I decided, at the last minute, to get away for a few days up at Grand lake, here in Oklahoma.
We left Thursday afternoon and I was greeted with this beautiful Sunset!
The first morning my hubby went golfing..ugh!  But I , got out my tools:  yarns, crochet hooks, my note book and a cup of coffee, and started creating.  I always start with a rough drawing and work from there.

With a wonderful view of the lake, and a chill in the air..I was thinking about Christmas!

The afternoon was great, we went for a drive and saw lots of wonderful wild life!

American Bald Eagle


Turkey buzzard eating a Armadillo

Gray Fox

Great horned Owl

White Tail Deer

Then we went for a wonderful walk on the beach!

View across the lake


A Goose

Hawk - I was so excited to get this shot!!!

Rosie and Maximo posing on a log.

A Pelican

View from out Camp site

another view of the lake

We came back on Sunday afternoon..I loved the beauty and the calm of the lake.  I have often heard that oklahoma is not a beautiful place because we don't have mountians, but there is lots of beautiful things to see, I could have loaded over 300 pics of beauty from just one week-end.  A beautiful place and lots of time to crochet ...What more could I ask for?????


Franko said...

Did you take all those animal pics? You are definitely multi-talented!!

Posh Pooch Designs said...

Yes, I did take all the pics. But I had to take a few 100 to get a few good ones.