Monday, September 5, 2011

Cord Dog Collar and Leash Free Crochet Pattern

I was walking through Hobby Lobby and
The Bright Pink of the Craft Cord caught my eye!
That would make a great collar
and leash set", I thought.
And it did!
Rosie Modeling her Bright Pink Set.
So, I wrote the Pattern down,
 so I could share it with you.

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Cord Dog Collar and Leash Crochet Pattern 
by Sara Sach
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Skill - Super Easy
The Craft cord does have a little stretch, so it makes for a very comfy collar.

Crochet Hook- H and F
50 yards ( approx. depending on dog's neck size) craft cord
Leash clip
Collar clip
Small D-ring
Tape measure to measure your dog's neck.

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Slip Stitch ( sl st)

Ch1 does not count as a st.
Use F hook for attaching yarn to the clip and D ring.
Use H hook for the rest of the collar and leach.

Collar : Measure your dogs neck first. Attach cord to the left side
 of the collar clip with a sl st, st 2 sc going through the collar clip, ch 1 turn.

R : With the F hook, 1 - 3 sc, ch 1 turn
R : Change to the H hook, 2 - repeat R:1
R : 3 - 3 sc going through the flat side of the D-ring, ch 1, turn

R : 4 - Repeat R : 1

R : 5 - 25 - Repeat R :1 ( as many rows as needed for your dog's neck measurement).

R : 3 sc going through the right side of the Collar clip, tie off, and weave in ends of cord.


R : 1 - Ch 4, 3 sc, ch 1 turn

R : 2 - 1 sc in each sc, ch 1, turn

R : 3-33 - Repeat R : 2

R : 34 - ( Forming the Handle) Fold over the ends to meet, going through both ends, 3 sc,

ch1, turn.

R : 35-134 ( or longer , if needed for your dog) Repeat R : 2

R : 135 - Attach Leash hook by stitching 3 sc through the hook, toe off weave in ends.
Isn't it Cool!
I also Bought Black with silver Cord
 to make Maximo a set!

Happy Stitching!


daperfectmix said...

That is really cute. I don't have a dog but I might just make that for my friend's dog. I love your blog.

Marsha said...

I have a dog and i think she will like this better that some i have bought ty Marsha

Diana said...

I have heard this yarn was discontinued.
What can I substitute for this yarn?
I would love to make my Chihuahua puppy
this collar and leash set.