Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chihuahua Themed Christmas Wreath

My Daughter in law and her friend 
asked if I would like to make new Christmas 
wreaths with them. So we went to  Hobby Lobby, picked out a wreath and all the bobbles 
and ribbons to make them.
I Bought 3 ceramic Chihuahuas and bright
 colorful decorations and ribbon.

A Chihuahua Themed Christmas Wreath!
To make the Wreath, 
I purchased an wreath that was empty.
Then I used a lot of Hot Glue.
 I placed everything were I wanted it and just
 glued it in place.  Even the ribbon is glued on.
It is really easy, Just choose a them and let your imagination take over.
And a Lot of Hot Glue!

Here are the three wreathes we designed.
1. Ice Cream Themed
2. Chihuahua Themed
3. Cupcake Themed

It was so much fun.

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