Wednesday, November 9, 2011

12 Dog collar Free Crochet Pattern Links | Posh Pooch Designs

Last year I did a Crochet Dog Collar pattern
 each week for 12 weeks before Christmas.

Many of you have been asking for
the crochet patterns,
so I am making a listing right
here with the links to find them.

TheCrochet Patterns
 are ALL FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!!
12 Collars of Christmas

1. Jingle Bell Dog Collar:Link

2. Bow tie Dog Collar: Link

3. Flowers and Lace Dog Collar: Link

4. The Skull Dog Collar: Link

5. Fringe Dog Collar: Link

6. Pomp A Doddle Dog Collar: Link

7. The Retro Dog Collar: Link

8. Button Dog Scarf: Link

9. Candy Cane Dog Collar: Link

10. Black and Silver: Link

11. Snowflakes and Gems: Link

12. Beaded Dog Collar: Link

Have fun making these 
for your Pooches 
and Kitties, too


Rosa Noel said...

Wow!! Thank you for these links! Two months left until Christmas and I want to buy some dog collars for my fellows. I'm glad that I found your blog, because you have so much talent and the things you make are absolutely fantastic! Keep up your good work and I'll come back until the Holidays! Once again thank you!

Unknown said...

I am confused regarding pattern for Button Scarf. It states " Ch 49 , for a 9 inch collar ( 3 ch = 1 inch. Since 9x3= 27 where does the 49 come from ? Thanks for your assistance

Posh Pooch Designs said...

9 inch is the collar measurement, but you need additional chs for the overlap in the front.