Wednesday, November 9, 2011

12 Dog collar Free Crochet Pattern Links | Posh Pooch Designs

Last year I did a Crochet Dog Collar pattern
 each week for 12 weeks before Christmas.

Many of you have been asking for
the crochet patterns,
so I am making a listing right
here with the links to find them.

TheCrochet Patterns
 are ALL FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!!
12 Collars of Christmas

1. Jingle Bell Dog Collar:Link

2. Bow tie Dog Collar: Link

3. Flowers and Lace Dog Collar: Link

4. The Skull Dog Collar: Link

5. Fringe Dog Collar: Link

6. Pomp A Doddle Dog Collar: Link

7. The Retro Dog Collar: Link

8. Button Dog Scarf: Link

9. Candy Cane Dog Collar: Link

10. Black and Silver: Link

11. Snowflakes and Gems: Link

12. Beaded Dog Collar: Link

Have fun making these 
for your Pooches 
and Kitties, too
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