Monday, January 2, 2012

Learming To Use the Knitting Looms

I Love to Crochet and
I hate to Knit.

I was at Micheal's the other day and
They had these kits on sale, so I bought one.

I thought this would be a great way to
"KNIT" with out the needles.

It came with these 4 sizes
and a hook and needle.
I decided to make the smallest size,
just to see how it worked.

I chose some pretty teal chunky yarn
 and got started.

Before I realized it I had
 "Knitted" a pretty long tube.
I made it into a cute hat for Maximo.

But my granddaughter had a better idea.
She put it on her American Girl Baby doll
She got for Christmas!

I am going to make a bigger hat today..For me!


CrochetBlogger said...

I've thought about doing some of the loom work but haven't tried it yet. I've also thought about trying the Knook or learning Tunisian crochet to get some knit effects through crochet techniques.

Michelle said...

I was wondering how those worked. Cute little hat. I don't hate to knit just don't the coordination to work with both hands like that. Cool.

Posh Pooch Designs said...
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Posh Pooch Designs said...

the looms are actually fun and I have big plans in using them.