Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern - Washcloth with Pocket

Washcloth With Pocket Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

This Crochet Pattern has just been up dated
With lots of New Pictures, And a Brand New Video.
 It Now include 3 sizes!
5, 9 and 12 inch Wash cloths.

I had a lot of questions about making it bigger.
 So I listened and made it bigger! 

6 Inch 
9 Inch 
12 Inch

See The Video on my Youtube Crochet
Channel at this LINK

Washcloth with a Pocket Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach
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Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook - H / 5.00 MM
Cotton Yarn - 2-3 oz depending on size -
                       I used I love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby

Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc)

Size: 6, 9, 12 inch wash cloths
 Pattern is written  6 inch (9 and 12 inch in parenthesis)

Ch1 at the end of each row, is a turning ch, and does not count as a st.

Square Cloth:
R: 1 - Ch 18(28, 38), 1 dc in the 2nd ch from the hook, * 1 sc in the next ch, 1 dc in the next ch, repeat from * across row, ch 1, turn. (17, 27, 37 sts)

R: 2 - * 1 dc in the 1st st, 1 sc in the next st ( dc in the scs, sc in the dcs for pattern)
repeat from * across row, ch1, turn.(17, 27, 37 sts)

R: 3 - * 1 sc in the 1st st, 1 dc in the next st, Repeat from * across row, ch1, turn.
(17, 27, 37 sts)

R: 4 - R: 16(24, 32) - Repeat R: 2 and R: 3, alternating rows.
Tie off, weave in your ends.

Corner Pocket:

R: 1 - Ch 4, 3 dc in the 4th ch from the hook, ch 1 turn (4 dc)

R: 2 - 1 sc and 1 dc in the first st, 1 sc in the next st, 1 dc in the next st,
1 sc and1 dc in the last st, ch1, turn (6 sts)

R: 3 - 1 dc and 1 sc, in the first st, 1 dc in the next st,
1 sc, in the next st, 1 dc in the next st, 1 sc in the next st,
1 dc and 1 sc in the last st, ch1, turn (8 sts)

R: 4 - Follow previous pattern of sc, dc across row, ch1, turn (8sts) No increases

R: 5 - 1 sc and 1 dc in the first st, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc across row,
 1 sc and1 dc in the last st, ch1, turn (10sts)

R: 6 - 6 Inch -Repeat R: 4 (10sts)

9 inch  - R: 7- R: 11 - Repeat R: 4

12 inch R: 7 - R: 15 - Repeat R: 4
Do not tie off.

Trim  - 1 sc in each st across, All Sizes.

Place the Triangle in the one of the corners of the washcloth.

 sc evenly across sewing the corner to the washcloth, 3 sc in the corner, sc evenly across the other side,

Continue to sc evenly on the other sides of the washcloth,
placing 3 sc in each corner, join to the 1st sc, and tie off.
Weave in your ends.

If you want the Corner Pocket to be a scrubby, use 1 strand of scrubby yarn and 1 strand of cotton yarn held together. it works great.
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Suzanne said...

What a cute idea! This would make a lovely gift. It's like soap-on-rope for older folks, but in a pocket. Would also be a romantic touch to an anniversary or bride-groom basket.

Anonymous said...

In crocheting the corner pocket, it states for R4-follow previous pattern of dc, sc across row, ch 1 and turn.Do you mean to repeat R3? That would be the previous pattern. Then for R6, it states to repeat R4. I am a blonde, can you explain this to me please. I have been making wash cloths and dish cloths but this is the first time I have seen this pattern and I just love it. Thanks, Betty

Anonymous said...

How do I reprint some of these patterns? Where can I click to reprint? Thanks

Posh Pooch Designs said...

Yes'm Betty 1 dc, 1 sc across row.

Posh Pooch Designs said...

There are 2 links under the picture above, where you can download the PDF file.
Thanks, Sara

Tammie D said...

First off, thank you for the pattern! But I was wondering what the gauge is supposed to be?
I chained 19 with an I hook and cotton yarn, and my starter chain was about 4 inches long. That seems a bit small for a wash cloth.

Posh Pooch Designs said...

No gauge, make whatever size you want. Just a fun free pattern.

Jessica-Jean said...

The pattern page states there's a PDF download available on Ravelry; there isn't. I only found it on Craftsy; that link works.