Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crochet Pillow Cover

This is not a crochet pattern,
but rather,
 an explanation of how I crocheted
a pillow cover.
I have lots of left over balls of yarn.......
and a really ugly pillow.
So I figured..... yarn bomb that Ugly pillow!

I chained enough chains  for the length of the pillow
and then added 3 more inches.
For the pattern I chose to do a "sc, dc, sc dc ..." across.
 I randomly chose yarn balls, when one ran out,
I randomly grabbed another one yarn ball.

Once I Had enough rows to cover the pillow,
 I did a row around all four sides of the pillow cover.

So for the other side of the pillow cover,
I decided on Granny squares.
Again just randomly putting colors together.

Next, I attached the front to the back
 by single Crocheting around the 3 sides.
Then I slipped the ugly pillow inside,
and sc  the opening closed.
Finished Striped side of the pillow.

Granny Square side of the pillow.
I really love how it turned out!

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