Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Come join in the June Mystery Crochet Along

I Love a Good Mystery!
 I Love Crochet!
I love good friends and fun!
If you do , too
Come join in the 
Mystery Crochet along at 

PPD Puppy Love Group
Click the above link to join!

I Just Posted the Supplies list!!!

The CAL will last the whole month of June.
Each Monday I will give you a step and a picture .
This is going to be a contest- 
The Winner will receive a basket of yarn!

I will make an album of pics of all the finished items and
have people vote on them- For the Most Creative.

Supplies list - Tuesday May 29th   Thats today!!!!!

Step 1 - Monday, June 3
Step 2 - Monday June 10
Step 3 - Monday June 17

Submit photos - Monday June 24

Voting ends July 1st

You can add any embellishments and or appliques,
buttons or ribbons, or anything you want to your finished item.
The Prize!!!!!!

A Basket of Yarn!!!!!

Come join the group. 

Get your supplies list 
 join us for the 
June Mystery Crochet Along!!!!

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