Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love Stamp Graph Crochet Pattern

Love Stamp Graph
 Crochet Pattern in
The First Thing I did was 
graph out the 
Love Stamp by hand.

1 Square = 1 sc
The graph will measure 12 X 16 inches approximately,
I Chose my colors - I Love This yarn, neons,
I used a H- Hook

Then I started at the bottom 
and worked my way up the graph.
Once the graph was done, 
Then I decided I wanted a cool trim.
1 dc in each st on each side, putting 2 dc in each corner.
Then for all the different color rows around, 
I stitched the dc in the space between the stitches.
The last row is 3 sc, 1 sc with a picot st, 
repeated around all 4 sides.

I did block the mat and let it dry in the sun.

I Love it!
Its Bright and Cheerful.

Its the perfect size for a car rug, 
or mat for my dogs.
Hope you try this graph and make one too.

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