Thursday, July 4, 2013

Quick Patriotic Crochet Projects

I made a few Non-Dog 
Patriotic Crochet Projects
These are all listed 
and you will find the links 
under each picture.
But .....if you want Dog Related 
PatrioticCrochet Patterns
You can find those Here:

1. First we have This adorable Heart Shaped Flag Hot pad.
You can find the Link to the pattern Here:

2. Next we have this fun Flag applique
You can find this pattern here:

3. Number 3 is the can cozy, I used a basic pattern, and then striped it like the flag.
You can find this pattern here:

4. Lastly we have this fun V st Bag, again I used a basic pattern and tweaked it to look Patriotic.
You can find this pattern here:

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