Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Life of Dog Models - Maximo and Rosie Bell

I received an email this morning,
that stated, and  I quote, 

""I can always spot a Chinese company. 
I can tell because your dog models 
are overworked and tired. You stink!"

As you can imagine this made me mad 
and hurt my feelings 
as my dogs are very happy, 
very spoiled and living in the
 beautiful state of Colorado.

Here are just a "few" Photos to Show 
you exactly how my
Dog Models,
 Maximo and Rosie Bell Live.
This is where we sleep.

This is where we relax each morning

This is also where we relax, some nice mornings.

This is how we spend a sunny afternoon.

Sometimes we have to take a bath.

Sometimes we go on vacations.

Sometimes we "play" in mommy's yarn.

Sometimes we get new sweaters.

We love our mommy.

And love to give her kisses.

We especially love to go off roading
 in the beautiful mountains in Colorado!!

Maximo and Rosie Bell 
are our furbabies, 
and we love them  and spoil them.

Just to set the record straight.

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