Monday, October 20, 2014

Blanket Stitch Photo Tutorial For Towel Trims

I get this question all the time.
"How do I add a crochet trim
 to a bath towel or dish towel?"

I have made these many times for gifts and
for myself to spruce up a bathroom
 or guestroom.
It is a great way to at a little trim to
 baby cloths or blankets too.

I use  the Blanket Stitch, and it works great!
And here is how I do it.

I have made a video to show you how I 
add a crochet trim using the Blanket Stitch.

You can this Video on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

It is a good idea to pre-wash the towels you will be using, 
as most towels are cotton, and there well be some shrinkage.

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Ravelry Favorites.

What you need:
 Freshly washed towel
Metric Tape measure or ruler
Yarn needle
Worsted Weight yarn ( 4) 
I used Red Heart Super saver
You can use cotton yarn, too
I just prefer to use the worsted weight.

I really like this ruler I got from Micheal's.
It is the perfect size.
We will be using the centimeter, for measuring.

Thread your need with an 18 inch piece of yarn.
Tie a small knot in the end of the yarn.
Slip the needle in the folded end of the
 towel with the right side facing you.

Sew a 1 centimeter stitch  across the top, to start.

 Push the needle through the end of the towel,
 at the next centimeter, loop the yarn under the needle,
 to form a loop, then pull gently.

Continue to use your ruler to measure,
 and sew a stitch each  centimeter.
Do not pull your loops too tight.
The loops made by this stitch row will be 
where we place out crochet stitches.

I folded the towel up so you can see the stitches across.
Cut your thread and weave in your end.

I laid a piece of white paper under the edge so
 you can see, where to crochet your stitches.

To Begin your crochet row,
push Your hook through the first loop on the right end,
and pull up a loop, ch 1

Then stitch 1 single crochet in each of the loops across.
This will form a foundation row.
The number of sc stitches will be different for each towel.

next, I did a row Triple crochet V stitches.

Ch3, *skip the next 2 stitches, Tr, Ch1, Tr in the next st*
Repeat From * to * across row, Tr in the last st.

Then I did a row of dc Shells across.

But you can do what ever type of trim you like.

You can Blanket st across, 
or around any towel, 
wash cloth or blanket and 
add a beautiful Crochet Trim.

You can even use this method 
on blouses,  collars, or Skirt hems!

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