Sunday, October 26, 2014

"I don't know how to do this Stitch"!!! What do I do??

Have you ever purchased a pattern, 
or downloaded a free pattern 
because it was so beautiful, 
and you just had to make it.

You gather your yarn, hooks and supplies, 
and get started.
You are loving the pattern, 
it is working wonderfully.....
A Stitch technique you have 
never heard of is next.

You check the section for the list of stitches, 
and it is not there.
Then you look for a "Special Stitches" section, 
it is not there either.
Frustration is setting in........
What do you do?

I asked this question on my Facebook page,
"You are working on a pattern,

 and come to stitch you don't know....

What would you do?"
1. Google to find the stitch
2. Ask The Designer
3. Ask a Friend
I was very amazed at the answers.
Most people would search Google, 
before contacting the designer.

That is very smart.
There are blogs, videos and helps 
for every stitch I can think of.
Some times, it is a technique, 
rather then an actual stitch.
If you are unable to locate
 the the help,

 Always feel free to ask
 the designer for help.

We are all at different levels,
 in Our Crochet.
What may seem easy to one,
 is not easy to another.

Crochet is a wonderful Art 
and is always changing.
So Keep growing in your craft
and don't let it frustrate you.

I Love Crochet, and yarn, 
and love that I
get to do what I love.
Don't Forget to check out all my
 Free patterns, 
in the tab at the top of the Blog.

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