Sunday, June 28, 2015

Two New Chihuahuas From Parker Country Market | Posh Pooch Designs

Ha! Ha!
 That's Maximo and Rosie Bell,

I have that big Square Rock
 in my front yarn and I love it.
I thought it looked empty and 
so I went in search of a Statue.

Meet Maximo Jr. and Rosie The 2nd.
These Chihuahuas weight about 15 lbs each.
They are made from cast iron.
and will last forever!
They were't too sure about them at first,
 but soon got used to them.
(Maximo just "marked" the one sitting down.)

I Found these at 
This is an amazing place.
 They were are having a big sale.
They had a live band playing music, 
and Spinning the wheel for coupons.

Oh, here is the Facebook page.
Go like it.

They have Antiques, and hand made items.
Booths and Booths of one of kind items.
And Tons of lawn ornaments. 
Bears, lizards and Chihuahuas!

The people working there
 were friendly and nice and even "chatty".
 I love chatty people.
They even gave me a can of paint, 
incase my Chihuahuas got scratched on the way home.

 Statues - huge and small
Anything you can think of.
Oh and Trees, live Trees.
This is out side.
Inside is just as fun and Amazing!
I am definitely Going back, again and again.
I just looked at the Christmas pictures
 on their Facebook page  -
Now I can not wait for Christmas.

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