Thursday, June 11, 2015

Twilight Sparkle Beaded Necklace for You and Your Dog Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

I had some of the
 left after I designed
And Thought is would be fun to design
 a Beaded necklace.

It turned out so elegant and Sparkly.
Then I thought, 
maybe my Chihuahua Rosie 
would like one.
So I designed her one too.
She Loves it!
So Here is What I did.
Twilight Sparkle Beaded Necklace Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach
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Skill: Super Easy

Crochet Hook - N 9.00MM
Pony Beads - Silver - 50 for Person neck lace,
(30 for necklace and 20 for the band) 10 for dog/ pet
Yarn needle with big eye

Note:This Necklace will work with any weight yarn, 
just change your hook size to match your yarn.

Chain (ch)

Person -Approximately 180 inches
Dog/ Pet - Approximately 30 inches
The Pet size makes a nice bracelet, too!

Person - 10 Ch = 5 inches
Dog/pet - 5 Ch = 2.5 inches

This Pattern is  Written in steps.

1. Gather your Supplies
2. Feed your Beads onto the yarn. 30 (10 dog)
3. Ch 10 (5 dog) push 1 bead up to the hook, and ch1
4. Ch 10 (5 dog) push up the next bead.
5. Repeat Step 4  - 28 times  (8 time for dog)
If you want it longer, keep repeating Step 5.

Also, you want the Dog necklace to fit, without drooping.
 You do not want it to be a chewing issue.

6. Ch 10 (5 dog) ti off and tie the ends together.
This is the Dog/ Pet  necklace

7. Wrap the neck 3 times, ( 2 times dog) and use the "yarn tails" to tie around 
securely. trim the ties off.

Bead Wrap :

To Make the bead wrap, Feed 20 beads on a 18 piece of the yarn.
wrap the beads around the necklace over the knot. I Crossed mine,
but you don't have too. again tie securely. use your needle to weave 
in the ends.

I did not put the Bead wrap on the Dog/ pet one. 
I thought it might be a chewing issue.

Add more length and
 it will be even thicker.
And look awesome 
over a winter sweater.
Make it with thin yarn and it will 
be adorable with a tank top.
Any beads will work, too.
Wooden beads, plastic beads, 
glass beads, 
or make your own 
out of Polymer clay.

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